We Are the Real Resistance

I was talking to a friend about the current state of affairs and he asked me if so and so was to the left or the right of me and I reflexively said no one was to the right of me.  As soon as I said that I realized I wasn’t even sure what that currently means.  But I did feel it necessary to clarify my remark.  I said that I was and am a civic nationalist but that I no longer believe that the Left can be dealt with as a part of America.  I said that they must be dealt with as an outside enemy and that their use of identity politics means that we are forced to use identity politics right back at them.  And I added further that I wasn’t sure that we would ever return to a united state but might be forced to stagger along, at each other’s throats until one side convincingly destroys the other.

Saying this out loud to someone else had the effect of crystalizing some of the things I had been thinking about recently.  For the last three and a half years the Left has called itself the resistance.  And they have made it their mission to gum up the works for all of us and try to increase the misery factor for the whole country.  Their whole effort is to worsen life for their enemies even if that requires their lives to suffer in some way.  And especially in the last six months they’ve done just that.  And that got me thinking.  If somehow, they are able to get Joe Biden into the White House in January then the roles will be reversed and I will be a part of the resistance.  It will be my job to find fault with everything the Left does and look for ways to discredit their every action.  But more importantly, I will be looking to build things of my own that don’t depend on or benefit the institutions and allies of the Left.  And on a grander scale that is what everyone on the New Right will be doing.  We will have to solve the problem of the hostile Silicon Valley gatekeepers one way or another and we will have to court the business of the 40% of the population that are on our side and take that business away from our enemies.  And doing that will also force the rest of the corporations that currently cater to the dictates of the woke to realize that there is a price for belittling almost half of your customers if they are given a choice to buy from people who don’t hate them.

All this is true.  But it is also true that even if President Trump is re-elected, we are still the resistance.  The Left owns so much of the world we live in that whether we think of it in these terms or not we are the permanent resistance because they already own everything but our souls.  But luckily, it’s pretty hard to repossess a soul.  I’m not saying they aren’t working on it just that we’ve got some time to gather our courage to start fighting back.  Lots of folks on the Right like to compare our struggle to the 800-year Spanish Reconquest of their country from the Moors, the Reconquista.  I guess the good news is that if we fight hard, I don’t think it’ll take more than a single century to win.  The bad news is that religious fervor is in pretty short supply in today’s world.  But that can change too.  We are the descendants of a civilization that produced some of the most amazing philosophical, spiritual, scientific, military and artistic creations.  A culture that produced Aristotle, Alexander, Mozart, Napoleon and Newton should be able to outthink screaming blue-haired cat ladies and outfight umbrella brandishing vegan twig boys.

So, the point of this post is just to say, don’t wait for the election to start making a difference.  Start helping our side in every way you can.  And don’t be elated if we win the election or dejected if we lose.  This is the long war.  It will go on as long as you live so don’t hold your breath waiting for it to be over.

Live your life to the fullest.  Work around the Left wherever you have to and win as many small victories as you can by enjoying the things that they are too stupid to enjoy themselves.  Family, religion, manhood, womanhood, tradition, sports, culture.  All the things they are against and seek to destroy.  Celebrate all these things in your family and your friends and in a wider group that we can build ourselves.  And make an effort to support anyone on our side who has a product or service that you can purchase.  Buy American, Real American.

So, though I hope to read of his imprisonment sometime in the future I’ll paraphrase (grammatically) the words of Peter Strzok to his adulterous whore Lisa Page, “Vive la resistance.”

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1 year ago

Your approach is alright up to a point, but not a winning strategy. The left’s destructiveness is swift and costly. Rebuilding on our side means time and resources are squandered just holding the line. What we must do is make it too costly for them to continue prosecuting their war. That means aggressive punishment of the perpetrators and their benefactors, seizure of assets to repay the victims of looting and arson, prosecution of government officials for dereliction or abuse of office, and isolation of leftist enclaves from commerce and federal money. For many years when a terrorist against Israel was… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago
Reply to  MMDear

Correct. I have said I believe it may come to actual fighting. I do not wish it, as Americans are terrible foes when aroused, and being our own foe would be doubly bad, as in the Civil War. But I believe that the time for simply voting and mild economic measures is past. The vote will be corrupted. There is no doubt about it. Several democratic operatives have already been caught falsifying ballots, etc, as sort of a practice run for November. For Trump to eke out a victory would take an overwhelming vote in his favor because it would… Read more »

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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago
Reply to  photog

I just don’t know how many are willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to do so. Those Founders were not local yokels, they were the gentry, the men of means. It was like Joe Kennedy Jr and JFK volunteering for duty in WWII. Joe was blown to smithereens and JFK almost died. Ted, on the other hand after being kicked out of Harvard twice for cheating, enlisted but was stationed as an MP in England, about as safe and far from Vietnam as possible. Ted symbolizes the attitude of the wealthy today. We have too… Read more »


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