04NOV2020 – Post-Election Day Thoughts

Groggily crawling into the light this morning required that I re-orient myself in the aftermath of the surreal experience that was Election Night 2020.  I spent from 9pm to 1am on a zoom with a great bunch of people on our side of the political divide.  I’ll gladly admit that was a whole lot of fun.  I much preferred discussing the incoming results with them than listening to the talking heads on the networks blather on about their demented opinions.

I’m very disappointed that we didn’t have a definitive result last night.  Taking that out of the equation makes election night kind of a phony description.  It would be more accurate to call it the beginning of the ballot counting.  Well, what can you do?  Progressives can’t help but ruin anything they touch.  But what was very clear last night was that any state that is controlled by the Democrats like Virginia and Pennsylvania made sure to stop the vote counting if it looked like President Trump was about to win the state.  The obvious conclusion is that they are using the delay to rig the results.  So that means four very key states, PA, VA, MI and WI will attempt to use manufactured Democrat voting ballots to fraudulently win those states for Biden.

It will be very interesting for me to see if President Trump has the wherewithal to block this fraud.  I have no idea if he can.  I sincerely hope he is successful.  That would be the best outcome for the current situation.  If he fails Joe Biden and ultimately, Kamala Harris will end up as President.

And so, let me get to the crux of this essay.  If President Trump prevails then we know what he has to do to begin repairing the damage already done to our country.  I and every other writer on the Right has been expounding on that for the last four years.  What needs to be determined is what are we going to do if he is unsuccessful?

And the answer is to cultivate our own gardens.  We are going to have to woke-proof our lives.  We will be forced to come up with work arounds and local solutions to all the problems associated with living in the cultural Marxist state that a Biden administration will entail.  And don’t think it won’t be extreme.  Look how repressive the social media and other Silicon Valley companies have been under the Trump administration.  I can only imagine that the deplatforming will become even more pervasive.  And the laws that the Left will try to get through Congress and the courts will be pretty bad.  First and Second amendment attacks are going to be horrendous.  Theoretically the Supreme Court should be there to prevent that from taking place but John Roberts is an awful man and a real enemy to the conservative side.  We are going to see some gut-wrenching defeats under his tenure on the Supreme Court.

And for all those reasons I think it’s more important than ever to have places we can go to talk and trade notes on what helps and what doesn’t.  Our voices will disappear on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all the other hostile platforms.  We’ll need our own spaces to get any news out and lend moral and other support to our side.  I’ve painted a pretty bleak picture of what will happen if Biden wins.  But really you should remember that this isn’t something that should make brave people quail.  Think of what the Poles endured under the Soviets.  Freedom is a quality of the mind not the local laws.  If we have to go underground then that’s what we do.  And then we find out who the free and the brave really are.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;”

I say it’s us.  What do you think?

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1 year ago

Viva la Liberty!

War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

The longer this stretches out,the longer the left has to illegally manufacture votes. Trump is in trouble.