10NOV2020 – OCF Update

As I mentioned recently I’m waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision on the President’s petitions to question the votes in the various states where fraud was most egregious.  I’m not questioning the status of honest government in the US.  That’s all settled in this banana republic of a country.  What I want to know first is whether there’s any hope of repairing some of the damage by legal means.  Once I know that I’ll be able to speak about what the paths forward look like for me.

I will say now that the idea that anyone thinks Joe Biden could be the president is an absurdity that is more damning than the fraud that his partisans were willing to commit with impunity.  Joe Biden is an abomination in more than one sense.  Not since Caligula elevated his horse to the rank of senator has a less qualified and more repugnant candidate been presented to the much suffering people of this planet.

In less distressing news, I finally got a copy of Jim Butcher’s latest volume in the Dresden Files series, “Peace Talks.”  This is, I believe the sixteenth book in the series and it’s been six years since the fifteenth book came out.  It’s an urban fantasy series that highlights all types of supernatural creatures from three different types of vampire to several kinds of werewolves to almost godlike elemental forces.  All of these creatures seem to spend most of their time bothering Harry Dresden in his seedy Chicago office where he is the only practicing wizard that consults with the Chicago PD.  I’m really looking forward to Harry’s troubles.  No matter how much he is tortured by the baddies he always manages to get a joke into the dialog.  That’s the spirit I admire.  Plus I believe volume seventeen is the end so I’m looking forward to the payoff.

Things have gotten more and more bizarre in the political world but I do want to say that I admire President Trump for showing the stamina and guts to push forward and challenge the crooks who are actively working to steal the presidency of this country.  I also want to say that other than a few good people like Tucker Carlson Fox News is as dishonest as CNN and MSNBC.

So hang in there all you folks in the real world.  We will have a path forward soon and it will be a path to better things and better days.

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1 year ago

Agreed on all points. Not to take anything away from President Trump, the man fights with a fury I could only dream of matching, but he has no choice. Should he concede, the likes of AOC will not hesitate to attack him, his family, his supporters and his friends. They are already compiling enemies lists. They will lead a purge like you have never seen outside of a South American dictatorship. They will be aided and abeted by the Soros backed AGs in blue states and they will not stop until they have bankrupted, jailed and destroyed Trump and everyone… Read more »