Hungary Sounds Like a Country That Hasn’t Collapsed Into Insanity

Hungary has changed its Constitution to protect a normal definition of marriage and parenthood.  And it protects the normal understanding of male and female identity from people trying to confuse children into ruining their lives.

If all else fails maybe I can get the Magyars to adopt me.




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Tyler, the Portly Politico

I’ve talked with my younger brother about where we would go if things got REALLY bad, and Hungary is usually his go-to. My sister-in-law has enough Hungarian blood in her to qualify for citizenship, although it’s VERY difficult to obtain (among other sensible naturalization requirements, you have to be able to speak Hungarian). Viktor Orban is a good leader.

1 year ago

Its an indicator of how insane the world has become that this even needs to be done: That a country has to put the definition of a man and a woman into its constitution. Robert Heinlein predicted a dysfunctional phase of society that he called “The Crazy Years”. Can it get any crazier than arguing basic biology? George Orwell said that the state would be able to tell you that 2+2 does not equal four. I don’t think even he envisioned the state commanding you to call a person with male genitalia a woman and address that person as Miss… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Chemist

“George Orwell said that the state would be able to tell you that 2+2 does not equal four.”

How about this one: “Rioting, burning, looting and beatings to near death are peaceful; silence is violence”?

1 year ago

Ironically, I seem to remember George Soros is from Hungary. Maybe they distilled all of their insanity and evil, injected it into Soros and kicked him out.