Now We’ll Have to Do It the Hard Way

I was listening to the ZMan’s Friday podcast this morning and something he said resonated with something I’ve been thinking about for the last few days.  To paraphrase, he said, the Democrats own all of this, they don’t have anyone to put the blame on anymore.

And that’s sort of the only good that comes out of this whole election fraud.  There’s no nonsense about coming together.  We’ve just been mugged.  We’ve been knocked to the ground and robbed.  Only a moron would want to shake hands and cooperate with his attacker.

The press always talks about a honeymoon for a new president.  Although they make exceptions for Republicans.  They attacked W from the beginning and of course they attacked President Trump unendingly from the moment he was elected.  The press will make believe as hard as they can that everybody is in love with Dementia Joe and Willie Brown’s Ho but once again even their side doesn’t believe we’re that stupid.  I expect Parler and Gab will become major conduits for obscene mockery of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential pretenders.  And that will be a good thing.

Of course, the Senate and House Republicans will fawn over the pretenders for months to try and curry favor and in response they will be beaten like red-headed step-children by the Democrats and the Media.  And honestly, nobody will care at all.  I’ll be surprised if there are any Republicans left in the House in two years or in the Senate in six, even the few who actually care about their constituency’s opinions.  Those few will probably switch over to a new party by then.  It would be great to see McConnell and Romney sitting all by themselves in some corner of the Capital building talking about the good old days when people still cared who they were. And paid them graft to vote against their constituency.

Without a doubt Dementia Joe and his stooges in the Congress and Administration are going to torture us for as long as they can.  They’ll strip us of our rights and shut down all of the jobs we have and import our replacements by the tens of millions.  But this time we won’t be talking about building a coalition to win back the White House and the Congress, except for the stupid and the dishonest.  No one will be wondering why things are going so badly.  Only idiots will be wondering why the stock market keeps going up but employment and wages keep going down.  As the opioid crisis becomes a national welfare program where the poor are given their pills in the expectation that they’ll just fade away to death sooner rather than later and the transgender crusade is institutionalized into an avenue to funnel the gullible into hormone therapy to preclude them ever having children, the people who want to survive will be looking for a movement and a party and a leadership to take their side against the madness.  We’ll be looking to free ourselves from our captors.

The Trump presidency was the last chance for the establishment to listen to the voice of the people.  We did everything by the book.  Millions voted for the first time in decades and told the Elites they want to have their country back.  And the Elites called on the city bosses to manufacture the millions of fraudulent ballots needed to silence those millions.

The anger that this created is still growing.  Once the COVID lockdowns are extended indefinitely in 2021 there will be a source of irritation that will feed the anger and frustration that people feel.  Add onto this the BLM protests that will begin again in the spring and summer and you have the makings of an actual insurrection.  Really the only question is where will it spring up first.  I don’t think there is any way to predict where it begins.  The FBI will be looking to stamp out any sparks wherever they can but that’s sort of like the situation that you get with wildfires.  Unless you remove the fuel, every spark is a potential conflagration.  I guess they could begin to fill up gulags with dissenters.  That will be easy to see too.  But I think that will be an accelerant too.

My question is whether it will have to be a grassroots movement or whether a leader in one of the red states will decide to step in and say no to the federal government and act as a nucleus for a new nation.  Once someone takes a stand it will spread and be replicated and it will become unstoppable.

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