15JAN2021 – OCF Update

I have had a an account on Gab since 2016 but stopped using it because it was a pretty chaotic.  I’m going to try posting there again to see if I get any feedback there.

This week will be another circus as the Dems pretend that Dementia Joe is the target of an army of ninja assassins who will do anything to derail the great Biden restoration.  I will be studiously ignoring all of that nonsense.  I’m just waiting for the impeachment farce to play out so that I can collect the names of Senators who need to be primaried.

I have been re-reading Homer’s Odyssey (Fitzgerald’s poetic translation).  It is a great story and reminds me that the timeless story of a brave man and a faithful woman facing the adventure of a mad world still has something to say to us today.  But it was so strange.  The sunburned Aethiopians were mentioned but at no point did Zeus get around to giving the rest of the Olympians a struggle session about how Sunburned Aethiopians Lives Matter.  And shockingly, even though Odysseus was accosted by several goddesses during his wanderings not a single one of them was a trans-goddess.  Well, I’m sure the publishers will write one in.

When I get through I’m going to start reading J. D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy.  I heard they made a movie out of it which kind of scares me.  But I’ve heard it’s interesting.

And I’ve started re-watching the TV series Justified.  Camera Girl and I agree that there just doesn’t seem to be a new show that’s anywhere as good.  Just proves that good writing trumps everything else in drama.