Strip Away the Rot and Build on the Strong

Living as I do in the land of fungus it’s important to look for where moisture has seeped into wood and rotted it away.  This is critical because structural members can be compromised and your whole house can come crashing down.  You have to look for the telltale signs and when the long horrible winter is over you have to figure out how the water has been getting in and remove that vulnerability.  And then you have to remove the rotted wood and replace it.  And it’s expensive and difficult.  Things have to be shored up while replacing structural supports and if you don’t identify the point of water infiltration you may have to do the whole painful repair over again.

Based on what I’ve observed I’d say that the Republican Party is pretty much rotted away.  To continue the analogy, the question remains whether it’s best to demolish the structure and build a new one or begin shoring up the structure and ripping out the rot.  I’ll leave that decision with whoever thinks he has the budget to build a new party.

But this post isn’t really about rebuilding a conservative party.  It’s about discarding the thoughts and actions that have become useless and redirecting my actions to things that are useful.  Writing endlessly about Washington and the atrocities of the dementia patient in the White House is not only useless, it’s debilitating.  Thinking about the daily assaults on us is like a drip of water that slowly over time erodes your mind.

I have to find positive activities and they have to have some measurable results.  That goes for both my personal activities and the things I choose to write about.  And maybe I’ll be writing less, at least here.  I have my own writing that I want to do.  Blogging takes up a good deal of time.  I intend to make sure I have something that is worth people’s time reading.

What I think I will concentrate on for the blog are things that I have found that are useful.  I like to think that the reviews of music, movies and books are of that sort.  These are things that can be useful to people looking for entertainment.  I’ll try to provide similar factual posts about other aspects of living.  Maybe it will be about a company that provides a product or service.  Maybe it will be an organization that supports the values that I believe in.  Maybe it will be an activity that I have heard about that is useful or enjoyable for families and communities on our side of the cultural divide.  And sometimes it will be a politician who seems to want to help.

Another aspect of the blog that I intend to change is interaction with the readers.  I really need a lot more feedback from you all.  I confess I haven’t figured out yet how to do this yet.  I think that the site would benefit from having people express their opinions.  I especially am interested in people who disagree with my opinions.  Not progressive trolls who just want to disrupt the proceedings but people on our side who think we are making mistakes either tactically or in a more fundamental way.  And I am especially eager to hear your thoughts about how we can thrive during these dark times.  A one-way conversation can be frustrating.  So, here’s to a new day and a new direction.  Out with the old and in with the new.

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8 months ago

Hi Photog. In the spirit of being constructive, I’d like to point you to another posting on the web. Note that this person (and I) believe that with the coming socialism will come shortages. This person spells out steps to take to protect yourself from these shortages.
Feel free to take this post down if it does not meet with your blog profile, but I thought it worth sharing. I’ve already taken many of these steps. Pro Tip: If your teeth are not healthy, you will not be healthy. Toothpaste and dental floss have an nearly infinite shelf life.

8 months ago

Frankly, I’m not at all sure the progressives ownership of all levels of education, the mechanisms of government, corporate leadership, print media and TV broadcast news, entertainment, big tech, etc., can be overcome with anything less than a multigenerational effort similar to that which gained them superiority in the 1st place. And that ain’t likely.