Now Let’s Switch It Up – Who Will Lead Us Out of the Wilderness?

Yes, Mitt Romney is the lowest of the low.  But who do we we think could be part of the solution?  We need a leader, a hero.  Someone powerful and smart.  But who is out there?  I’ll put a few names out there, pick any that seems like they could help.  If you have a better name pick “other” and list him in the comments.

This is a lot more difficult than the other survey.  This isn’t a simple choice between obvious choices.  None of us know the answer to this.  Some of these people want to help us and even have done things to help us like President Trump.  But who has the wherewithal to get us out of the trap that the Left has gotten us in.  Strength, brains but also enormous courage.  That’s what’s needed.  Because the enemies ranged against him will be almost irresistible.

And honestly, what it’s going to require is someone who can organize the other leaders around him and forge that coalition into a weapon to defeat the Deep State.  And that is going to take more than anyone has shown so far.


Who Will Lead Us Out of the Wilderness?

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Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
1 month ago

Ron DeSantis is my #2 current choice if Trump opts out.

1 month ago

I’d think we’d be plenty happy with anyone on the list.

War Pig
War Pig
1 month ago

Other: Greg Abbot, governor of Texas.

1 month ago
Reply to  photog

I live in Texas. Abbot flubbed the Covid response – locking down Texas until a brave hairdresser took him to court and the judge informed him he wasn’t a dictator. It was only then that Abbot lifted the lock down. The Texas legislature was not in session last year. He could have called them back but did not – content to rule by executive decree. Most of Texas lost power on Monday. TEXAS LOST POWER! That should never have happened. We are the Saudi Arabia of North America. It only happened because Abbot and his cronies put 18 billion into… Read more »

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