What to Do About the Deep State?

With the Democrats preparing to install Merrick Garland as the consigliere for the Biden Crime Family it seems an appropriate time to consider exactly what kind of people make up the ranks of the managerial apparatus that runs our government.  It is instructive to see how the Justice Department functioned under the Obama regime and compare it to how it attacked the Trump Administration throughout that whole presidency.

During the time Obama was president his Attorney General was able to direct the policy of agencies like the FBI to attack police departments that attempted to prosecute minority offenders such as Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO regardless of the guilt of the criminals involved.  They were also glad to lend a hand in trying to criminalize self-defense as was the case with the Treyvon Martin case in Florida.  What seems clear is that Obama’s AG, Eric Holder, had no difficulty directing the agencies working under him to harass people Obama didn’t like and put their thumb on the scale to help even criminals if they were the right color.  And even when Obama’s term was almost completely finished the Justice Department was more than willing to begin an unjustified and traitorous witch hunt to hamstring the Trump Administration and delay the President’s ability to take control of the Justice Department.  I will add that the spineless behavior of Jeff Sessions went a long way to aiding and abetting the treachery going on in then Swamp by recusing himself from the investigation.  But it certainly didn’t look like they weren’t completely prepared to defy any and all attempts to stop them in their actions.

When the phony Russiagate investigation was finally completed Trump was able to bring in Bill Barr as his Attorney General.  And from everything I can tell in retrospective Barr is a full-fledged member of the Deep State.  His investigation of the Russiagate hoax never went anywhere.  One very low-level flunky who was identified as having perjured himself was given a slap on the wrist and returned to the fold.  The infamous Durham investigation has produced no indictments and empaneled no grand juries.  And based on what Garland has said at his Senate hearing he doesn’t guarantee that any report will ever appear at all.  From as much as we could gather from news reports, during the President Trump’s whole term in office the Justice Department, the intelligence agencies and the State Department defied his demands for action on almost all of his policy initiatives that involved reining in the Deep State.  Even when he directed classified documents to be declassified and released to the public nothing ever happened.  And once the travesty of the stolen elections unfolded the Justice Department under Bill Barr did nothing.

How I read this is that these government agencies see themselves as essentially beyond the control of the President of the United States and unless they agree with his agenda, they will use any and all means at their disposal to hamper his actions and avoid control by him.

Going back to when George W Bush was president, I can remember that the Justice Department also came after some of his personnel and used a special prosecutor to harass his Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs, Scooter Libby for years.  Based on this I have to imagine that these agencies are closely aligned with the world view of the progressive left.  As to the question of whether this alignment is ideological or pragmatic, I would guess it varies but probably sometimes it is both.

With the apparatus of the Executive Branch so firmly in the hands of people who refuse to cede power and authority to even the President of the United States it seems to me that if someone wanted to correct this situation it would require drastic measures.  I could imagine an Attorney General firing all of the bureau heads and the first few levels of reports to those bureau heads and then attempting to sort through the lower echelons to find employees who would be willing to follow orders.  But, if I were he, I’d bring some armed military personnel along with me to watch my back.

Of course, talking about cleaning up the Deep State may be a completely moot discussion.  I am not sure there will ever be another Republican president.  With the techniques used to fake the 2020 election it seems clear that the Democrats intend to falsify any election outcome that does not show them to have won.  Then the only avenue that can be explored is the idea of a state forbidding the Deep State from interfering in its sovereign affairs.  And that is a point of view that hasn’t been explored in over a hundred and fifty years.

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2 years ago

You are correct. We will never see another republican president. With SCOTUS refusing to hear the PA cases, the left has solidified the means to steal any election.
I must admit, it surprises me that the GOP doesn’t seem to care. I guess they are content to be the loyal opposition and get buy on the crumbs that the left lets them have.
Of course, looking at the size of the crumbs that McConnell et al get handed, I could be happy on that too.
I do not see this ending well for the country.