Can An Old Dog Learn a New Trick and Then Teach It to a Pup

For Christmas I bought my granddaughter a nice little Yamaha keyboard when she showed interest in music.  So far she seems uninterested in even a simple scale on the keys.  But I noticed that one of her favorite cartoons, Masha and the Bear had a piano song that she enjoyed.  This cartoon about a retired Russian circus bear and a Russian-American Girl both living in Alaska is perhaps the only thing on television for small children that doesn’t enrage me.

To try and interest her in learning I’m trying to teach myself to play the tune on the keyboard to attract her to the instrument.

Progress is slow.  I don’t read music fluently so I of course went to the internet for support.  This silly little YouTube clip actually helped.  I wrote the note letters onto a sheet of paper and bought some stickers for the keys with the letters on them.  I have now mastered two thirds of that ditty down below and it has caught her attention.  I’m hoping my two year old granddaughter will consider me a modern day but slightly older Mozart and follow my lead.  Time will tell.