31MAR2021 – OCF Update – Looking Around

Figured I’d look around and see what’s interesting and pass it along.

So, here is Angelo Codevilla talking about how someone can become the leader of the deplorables.  Damn it!  He sounds just like me!  Codevilla is good.  I’ve been following him since 2016 and he’s one of the few academic/government players who speaks reality.  And just like the other one, Michael Anton, he has a link to the Claremont Institute.

And just in case you’ve already stopped laughing from the last time this was claimed, here’s another article claiming that the Durham Investigation is “interviewing witnesses and issuing subpoenas”  Who are they subpoenaing?  Elvis? Sasquatch?  The inhabitants of the lost colony of Roanoke?  By now some of the witnesses and conspirators have died of old age.  Why not just concentrate on the JFK assassination and the UFO stories?  Those could be fun.  How about helping me find my needle nosed pliers?  It’s supposed to be in my tool box but I thought I saw it in the junk drawer in the kitchen where Camera Girl left it.  A crack investigator like Durham is just who I need to breath new life into my search.

And finally kudos to Ron DeSantis once again for his open statement that Florida won’t allow the corporate Stasi to start imposing vaccine passport requirements on his citizens.  Damn this guy is good.

Cold and damp up here in Satan’s Freezer.  Everyone out there have a  good Wednesday.


American Museum of Natural History, New York City, Sony NEX 5N, Sony 24mm F\1.8 APSC lens