April Fool’s Day 2021 – Joe Biden’s Patron Saint’s Day

Good morning my long-suffering readers.  What a momentous day.  Today at any time, any announcement by the press or the Dementia Administration will be indistinguishable from an April Fool’s Day joke.  If today they announced they were going to send a billion dollars, tax free to any and all left-handed Somali tuba players living in Fargo, North Dakota would you be absolutely certain it was a joke?  Actually, there is one exception.  If they say they are going to do anything sensible we’ll know that is a joke.

Recognizing that this is such a special occasion for the Left I think I will use today to only look at the bright side.  After all there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  I will search high and low for good news.  I don’t promise to find anything to say but at least I’ll make the effort.

Seriously, I think we’re all now well aware of the soup we’re in.  Beating the dead horse is not only subject to the law of diminishing returns but it also isn’t any fun for you to read or me to write.  I won’t ignore horrible things that need to be commented on and I will provide whatever commentary on the idiocy of our rulers when that seems to accomplish something useful, even if that useful thing is only humor.  After all laughter is a positive good.

But I’m going to have to start accentuating the positive.  And maybe that means I’ll have to make up stuff myself.  I like the picture of the day and the quote of the day because I have control over what I post.  I can find something that I think will impact people in a good way.  I don’t post the wit and wisdom of Joe Biden or Barack Obama.  I won’t showcase photos of transgender drag queen story hour.  There are plenty of good and beautiful things in this imperfect and confused world and nothing says I have to look for the ugly and the depraved.

Spring is upon us.  Stuff is starting to sprout and I’ve already seen hellebore flowers and daffodils and the forsythia is about bloom.  Yesterday my two-year-old granddaughter went out into the garden and found some “darling” worms.  The world is loaded up with miracles and wonder.  Concentrating on George Floyd and Joe Biden is a sucker’s game.  I just read a report that said that cities like New York and Chicago are doomed because they’re now too expensive.  Good!  I left New York City about thirty-five years ago and it was the best decision of my life.  And now I see why.  Human beings are like any other life form we follow the gradients that increase pleasure and decrease pain.  We naturally go toward the good and flee the evil.  A place that either purposefully or mistakenly inflicts pain on its inhabitants doesn’t encourage those people to stay.  The riots of last summer on top of the COVID captivity were like some kind of laboratory experiment to see how quickly the largest city in North America could destroy itself.  It worked perfectly.

So, let’s look for the good in this.  Make it a point to live where the people aren’t crazy.  When you look for a school for your kids ask them to show you the books and the lesson plans, they use for social studies.  Ask them if they have content on transgenderism and ask them if they mention white privilege.  Be smart and be careful.  You may have to pay more money to find a good school or you may have to home school your children.  Well, kids are an expensive investment.  You should protect your investment.  But look at the upside too.  If your kids are going to a school that has your values then it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy being around the teachers and the other parents.  Maybe not all of them.  But the odds will be with you instead of against you.

Well. that’s enough.  No April Fool’s Day surprises from me today.  Just a surprising new outlook.  Even a fool can find something to smile about in April.