Good Guys and Bad Guys

I was hunting around for a topic this morning.  I started on something about Jen Psaki.  I started making fun of all the things about her that seemed mockable.  But just thinking about her annoyed me.  It was like some kind of miasma that infects anyone who comes in proximity with her evil persona.  So, I put that aside for a day when I felt stronger.

I thought about writing something on Merrick Garland and his double standard for protestors with differing political objectives.  But I got the same feeling.  I guess some days photog just doesn’t want to rake the muck.  But I couldn’t think of any topic that didn’t involve Leftists being Leftists.  After all, armies of Antifa psychopaths are laying siege to the homes of SCOTUS justices and Homeland Security is spawning a Ministry of Truth in their spare time.

So, I got tired of thinking about all those creeps and went outside and did some yard work.  I cleaned another one of Camera Girl’s gardens of poison ivy and I pulled out a few small Russian Olive trees (still at the large shrub stage) and did a little more fence repair and enjoyed the sunny day.  There was a little more wind than I cared for but that’s become standard conditions around here lately.

And after I finished all that, I had lunch and my mood was much better.  I read the end of the second part of the Bounty Trilogy, “Men Against the Sea.”  It wasn’t as good as “Mutiny on the Bounty” but it was interesting.  I was especially interested in Bligh’s policy of avoiding any of the islands in the South Seas because of the certainty that most of the islanders were cannibals.  I’ve been stressing lately that we’ll know when we’ve hit bottom when cannibalism becomes routine in some of our larger cities.  At that point I assume most people will choose to avoid Broadway openings and the New Year’s Eve Time Square party in order to lessen the chance of being someone’s lunch.  But I could be wrong about that.  Some people really like the theater.

So, I got to thinking,  Talking about the Left is so painful because it’s thinking about people who are murdering our country.  And unless the talk is constructive and helps us get rid of them, then it’s just masochism.  What is worth talking about is anything constructive.  Trying to figure out a way to make things better.  Or sharing information on someone who is improving things like DeSantis or Musk or Trump.

And the other thing for me is to concentrate on the cultural things.  Good books and movies and photos that I like or other things that come my way.  That’s worthwhile for me.  Today I had my Monday zoom meeting with some of the guys from the old firm.  All the news was of people leaving or retiring or going to contract employment.  It sounded like a death spiral to me.  But none of us care anymore.  These companies are rotten to the core.  It’s just a way to make money for a while longer.  The future will have to be something different.  The next President who doesn’t want to preside over the death of this nation will have to grab these mega-corporation CEOs by the throat and tell them either they bring middle-class jobs to this country or they will be taxed out of existence.  It’s as simple as that.

So that was Monday.

April Fool’s Day 2021 – Joe Biden’s Patron Saint’s Day

Good morning my long-suffering readers.  What a momentous day.  Today at any time, any announcement by the press or the Dementia Administration will be indistinguishable from an April Fool’s Day joke.  If today they announced they were going to send a billion dollars, tax free to any and all left-handed Somali tuba players living in Fargo, North Dakota would you be absolutely certain it was a joke?  Actually, there is one exception.  If they say they are going to do anything sensible we’ll know that is a joke.

Recognizing that this is such a special occasion for the Left I think I will use today to only look at the bright side.  After all there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  I will search high and low for good news.  I don’t promise to find anything to say but at least I’ll make the effort.

Seriously, I think we’re all now well aware of the soup we’re in.  Beating the dead horse is not only subject to the law of diminishing returns but it also isn’t any fun for you to read or me to write.  I won’t ignore horrible things that need to be commented on and I will provide whatever commentary on the idiocy of our rulers when that seems to accomplish something useful, even if that useful thing is only humor.  After all laughter is a positive good.

But I’m going to have to start accentuating the positive.  And maybe that means I’ll have to make up stuff myself.  I like the picture of the day and the quote of the day because I have control over what I post.  I can find something that I think will impact people in a good way.  I don’t post the wit and wisdom of Joe Biden or Barack Obama.  I won’t showcase photos of transgender drag queen story hour.  There are plenty of good and beautiful things in this imperfect and confused world and nothing says I have to look for the ugly and the depraved.

Spring is upon us.  Stuff is starting to sprout and I’ve already seen hellebore flowers and daffodils and the forsythia is about bloom.  Yesterday my two-year-old granddaughter went out into the garden and found some “darling” worms.  The world is loaded up with miracles and wonder.  Concentrating on George Floyd and Joe Biden is a sucker’s game.  I just read a report that said that cities like New York and Chicago are doomed because they’re now too expensive.  Good!  I left New York City about thirty-five years ago and it was the best decision of my life.  And now I see why.  Human beings are like any other life form we follow the gradients that increase pleasure and decrease pain.  We naturally go toward the good and flee the evil.  A place that either purposefully or mistakenly inflicts pain on its inhabitants doesn’t encourage those people to stay.  The riots of last summer on top of the COVID captivity were like some kind of laboratory experiment to see how quickly the largest city in North America could destroy itself.  It worked perfectly.

So, let’s look for the good in this.  Make it a point to live where the people aren’t crazy.  When you look for a school for your kids ask them to show you the books and the lesson plans, they use for social studies.  Ask them if they have content on transgenderism and ask them if they mention white privilege.  Be smart and be careful.  You may have to pay more money to find a good school or you may have to home school your children.  Well, kids are an expensive investment.  You should protect your investment.  But look at the upside too.  If your kids are going to a school that has your values then it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy being around the teachers and the other parents.  Maybe not all of them.  But the odds will be with you instead of against you.

Well. that’s enough.  No April Fool’s Day surprises from me today.  Just a surprising new outlook.  Even a fool can find something to smile about in April.

What We Need is a Little Less Outrage and a Lot More Action

Hat tip to Toby Keith for the song title that I adapted to our situation here.

I look over the e-mails from right wing pundits in my inbox and they consist almost completely of breathless denunciations of some outrage being perpetrated by Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden or some Hollywood airhead.  And that outrage is only very slightly different from the one they committed yesterday.

I’m sure that in the coming weeks Congress and Dementia Joe will perpetrate an outrage that even I can’t shrug off.  If the Sidler in Chief approves a law that says that if I don’t burn incense to Cthulhu then I’ll be imprisoned in an underground ghoul’s nest, then yes, I will be outraged.  Or if the Creepy One decides to add Obama onto Mount Rushmore then sure, I’ll get my bison man hat out of mothballs and head for the Capitol.

And sure, we writers, need something to write about.  I myself talk about the outrages that have been raining down on us for decades now.  And I angrily condemn the evil Left and chastise the brainless Right when they let these problems grow and fester all around us.

But you know what’s in short supply?  Action.

We’re seriously lacking in any kind of progress of any kind.  One good story about a state government reining in a federal mandate running out of control is worth a hundred outrage stories.  Or one about a business doing something that helps people in our camp.  Then we’d have something to cheer about and someone to reward with our business.  Or how about a story about some individual who says or does something that provides hope or help to normal people trying to survive all of these well documented outrages?  That’s worth a thousand Nancy Pelosi hit pieces.

So, let me start the ball rolling.  The outrage story is Parler was de-platformed!  How dare they!  Let’s get mad!

But a better story is the flip-side, the social network site Gab that is friendly to conservatives is getting all kinds of new members joining.  Sure, it is struggling mightily to accommodate all the new traffic.  And since Gab doesn’t have all the revenue that Twitter gets from advertisers for stealing people’s information, the owner, Andrew Torba, is probably paying for the upgrades out of his meager funds.  But it is a positive thing.  And who knows maybe a bunch of people will plunk down the pittance it takes to become pro-members and start making Gab a viable business.  Either way it’s a positive story to let people know it’s not all gloom and doom.  If you liked Twitter or Parler, then maybe you should check out Gab.  Don’t go today or even this week.  As I said it is struggling mightily because of growing pains and massive attacks by the Left.  But make a point of checking it out when it’s calmed down.

As another example of something getting done look at how Project Veritas and the state government of Texas have worked together to identify and prosecute the fraudulent vote harvesting scammers who showed up during the November election.  Here are two kinds of people getting something done.  A red state government trying to stop fraud.  And Project Veritas exposes illegality and bias everywhere they can get a hidden camera.  Maybe that is something you can support by giving them some money.  That’s a lot more valuable than Mitch McConnell or one of the other Republican suits asking for our support while they sit on their hands and get pummeled by the Left.

So, if you look around you can find some people doing something positive instead of running in circles telling us that the sky is still falling today.

Enough Outrage for the Week

One of the news sites I look at each day is  They often have dueling headlines on a topic from the Left and the Right.  Today featured the New York Times article “My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy” by someone now called Andrea Long Chu, and an article by the American Conservative called “Andrea Long Chu’s Fake Vagina” by Rod Dreher.  The New York Times article is liberally quoted in the Dreher article so if like me you don’t traffic on the New York Times, at least you’ll know what Dreher is referencing.  I read Dreher’s article and honestly, I’m still shaking my head.  The level of masochism and self-delusion necessary to allow anyone to get involved in the surgical and medical madness described in the article is stunning.  I’ve felt that reporting on the unhealthy practices occurring on the Left is important to warn people (especially the young) of the dangers lurking nearby these troubled groups.  And I still feel that way.  The fact that there are physicians and social workers who advocate to allow these dangerous practices and medical procedures to be performed on young people is alarming and should be highlighted as further proof that our society is now a menace to our children and not to be trusted.

But it’s too much.  I can’t stomach the nausea of even thinking about these things at this time of the year.

I’m off from work for a few days this week and I’ve been visiting with family during this holiday weekend.  And even writing on this nightmarish article is too depressing to consider.  So, adios Andrea Long Chu and all his pseudo-gynecological considerations.  Unless there is an eruption on the Mueller front or the Mexican Caravan manages to reach southern New England, I propose to address the positive aspects of the news.  And if there are absolutely no positive news items (which is quite possible) I’ll concentrate my time on cultural concerns that are of a positive nature.  Probably this will entail music, book and movie reviews that I think will bring a pleasant moment to the readers.  I have some macrophotography files I’ve been working on.  I’d prefer to subject my readers to the terrors of magnified beetles and moths and thorny plants than dwell on these other horror stories for the next few days.  I’ll regale you with my delusional theories for restoring pulp science fiction to its rightful primacy on book shelves (or at least the first page of the browser search results).  I’ll tout my obscure non-commercial choices for country music.  And when I run out of real subjects to bloviate on, I’ll fabricate a story involving my alt-reality President Trump and his equally fictitious minions as they face off against zombie civil servants, undead Clinton opponents and the truly nefarious forces of the main stream media.  In other words, I’ll do all the things I usually do except with 30% less outrage.

Meeting with family, especially the grandsons was extremely enjoyable, almost inspirational.  We played cards, talked about what they wanted for Christmas, ate grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers, watched some old movies together and talked about artificial intelligence.  So, for the next few days, I’ll try to stay on the lighter side of things.  Please bear with me.  I promise to try and be extra specially outraged by Saturday.