19APR2021 – OCF Update

I’m currently reading the two short story collections from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  The first one is called “Side Jobs” and I’m about halfway through.  They’re actually pretty good.  Of course I’m already a fan of the Dresden stuff and I also enjoy short stories.  But also I’m glad to have something enjoyable to read to take my mind off of the laughably awful happenings in Dementia Joe’s Lockdown America.

And the other thing going on is that spring has sprung.  And even after the ridiculous spring snowstorm last week flowers are flowering and trees are budding all over the place.  I’ll have something to photograph that isn’t ant sized.  And that is good for the mind.  And I hear that even the COVID paranoid are starting to break down and let their kids play (gasp) with other kids.  Maybe there is hope for the crazy after all.

Well anyway it’s time to get out there and breath in that good clean spring air.