Apocalypse Basecamp: The Comedy

Casey Newton of “The Verge” publishes the details of the Zoom meeting where the woke employees have a meltdown when a somewhat conservative manager disputes their definition of white supremacy.  It’s hilarious and maddening at the same time.  The only sad point is that the conservative manager also resigned from Basecamp.  I take that as a definite negative for the whole thing.  If he had stayed it would have been the cherry on the float.

Well, just read the thing.  Understand that Newton is extremely sympathetic to the wokesters and so take that into account with respect to any statements of opinion on motives or judgement.

Here’s the summation at the end.

“But as much as the conversation about Basecamp’s moves has been framed as “politics,” it seems important to remember that the entire affair began when a third of the company — not all of whom are among the 20 who have departed so far, by the way — volunteered to help the company become more diverse and equitable. It was only when their committee dug a skeleton out of the company closet — that list of names — that Fried and Hansson moved to shut the whole thing down.

“It was actually a positive thing we were doing,” one employee told me, marveling at the chaos that had followed. “We had identified the problem, how it happened, and vowed not to do it again. It was a company doing exactly what it should do. The founders refused to lead, and so the company was doing it itself.”

Another employee said they had been thrown by the fact that the founders, after years of telling employees that they were part of an elite chosen few who were good enough to work at Basecamp, would get rid of them so easily.

“They just want to build cool shit all day,” the employee said. “They don’t want to deal with people, which is something you have to do as a manager … Jason and David just threw us away.””

I was saddened to read that not all of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council has resigned.  That, I see, as the real tragedy.  But hopefully the owners are wiser for their sad experience and will stamp out any sparks of wokeism if the appear again.

I think the lesson for the rest of us is that even non-conservatives recognize that a woke presence in a business is poison and unless you suppress its activities it will destroy your company right before your eyes.