13MAY2021 – OCF Update – Morale Boost

After reading Max Morton’s essay, “Semper Tyrannis – Always a Tyrant,” I was so disgusted with this country that I decided I needed to do something life affirming.  So, I was “at play in the fields of the Lord.”  I set up my granddaughter’s outside gymnasium, prepped the lawn tractor for the season, cut the grass and opened up the pool for the season.  It was great.  Not once did I think of the KGB in Washington, not the FBI, not the CIA, not Google, Facebook or Twitter.  And that has restored my faith in reality.

After all, if Hungary and Poland could go from repressive communist regimes to bastions of anti-woke sanity then anything is possible.  Maybe Americans will find their spines and flip Washington the bird.  And if they don’t then this isn’t the only game in town.  It’s a big world and someone somewhere will be willing to take a stand against the madness that has infected our society.

I was talking about this with a friend.  He mentioned Singapore and then listed the negatives.  It’s on the Equator and has a climate like a sauna.  It is ruled by a benevolent despot who will have you caned for chewing gum in the subway.  It has a high cost of living and cultures that are pretty alien to westerners.

I told him, “I’m willing to forego gum chewing if it means that the subways are actually safe and a mob won’t show up at my door to burn me out because I’m the wrong color.  And as far as an alien culture, our culture feels pretty alien to me right now so what am I losing?”

Don’t misunderstand me, I would love to be here when America comes to its senses and drives our woke overlords into the sea.  I would give five years of my life to see my family living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  But let’s be real.  We don’t live in that place anymore.  And we may never be able to win it back.  If someone defies the tyrants and restarts the republic I’ll follow in a heartbeat.  But every day that passes makes me think the chances are slimmer and slimmer.

But as I said there are options.  None will ever be as good as what we had in the past but if this country is willing to wallow in madness and slavery then those who can’t stomach that life will leave and make a life somewhere else.  It’s sad but it’s sadder still to sink into depraved servitude.

So, it’s been a good day and I think I’ll send a sympathetic e-mail to Liz Cheney and suggest that if this whole political thing hasn’t worked out for her maybe she can take off a few pounds and join the Marines and find out what combat is like from the front lines.  After all she has always enjoyed the idea of other people dying for her country maybe she can take a turn.  She looks like special forces material to me.