18MAY2021 – OCF Update – Quiet News Day

Israel and Hamas lobbing missiles at each other?  Check

Gas and food prices soaring across US?  Check.

COVID lunatics warning of a surge if we don’t keep our kids masked in school?  Check.

Joe Biden spouting nonsense about vaccination?  Check.

Federal Gestapo searching for white supremacists in Red States and the military?  Check.

Yep, situation normal all Biden-ed up.

Sort of a slow news day.  But a nice day for swinging a grandchild in a swing.

I received some pushback on my statement that “Treasure Island” was the finest boys’ adventure story.  A dissenting opinion was raised in favor of Jules Verne’s “In Search of the Castaways.”  I have to confess I’ve never read it.  I’ll correct that situation soon and report back my opinion.

On my regular Tuesday morning zoom with “the boys” I was told that even in Boston, the very Hub of the Woke Universe, people were attending a Red Sox game without masks!  And this is in advance of the official end of the mask mandate scheduled in a few weeks.  Could it be that even here in the heart of Blue America the captives have grown weary of wearing their shackles?  Shocking.  What will all the millions of Karens do?

Miracle of miracles, by a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court agreed that the police can’t confiscate a man’s guns without a warrant to do so.  I hear that a major abortion law in the South will be reviewed by SCOTUS soon.  I’m not very hopeful based on what I know of the Roberts court.

My favorite Biden-ism of the week was Dementia Joe warning those refusing vaccines by saying ”  Ultimately, Those Who Are Not Vaccinated Will “End Up Paying The Price.”  What a dope.  I was looking at the mortality rate for Sweden that rejected masks and the rest of the nonsense and comparing it to the United States.  It currently is 1,807 deaths per million population for the US versus 1,408 for Sweden.  Apparently if we had done nothing our numbers might actually be better.  But certainly no worse.  Fauci should be put in stocks and pelted with garbage by anyone who has the notion to do so.  And so should Cuomo, Biden and the rest of the idiots.

Well, that’s enough for now.