Paul Gosar (Republican, AZ) Drafts Legislature to Ban Affirmative Action

Sure it’s not even a possibility but it’s exactly what I’ve been saying for years.  If the Supreme Court had any guts they would have declared Affirmative Action unconstitutional decades ago and ended it.  Kudos to the congressman for at least showing his convictions.  Others hould follow him.


Exclusive: Tomorrow Paul Gosar Will Deliver Body Blow to Liberal/Globalist Ruling Class When He Introduces the “MERIT Act”


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21 days ago

White Male privilege: I have never been given any special treatment due to my race, gender or sexual orientation. I never started with extra points on an exam or had my mistakes overlooked due to the above. I’ve always been held accountable for what I do with no slack given. I know, for a fact, that I have earned everything I have. Every job, promotion, raise, award, honor, etc. came from my hard work and ability. As long as we have a system that gives special treatment, consideration or benefit based on race, gender or color, we will have an… Read more »

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