Guest Contributor – War Pig – On Women in the Military

It would be interesting to see how women fare in the infantry in actual combat as an example of why we should not do it again. It would be expensive for the women involved but since infantry is voluntary, too bad. Women have their uses in even spec ops. Delta has a “fuzzy section”. Women can be brave and intelligent. However, physically, they are no match for men in a fight. I am 70-something and I could whip pretty much any 20-year-old woman in an all-out fight. When I was 60 I proved it to a MMA femme fighter by manhandling her when challenged as I voiced my opinion on the matter.

After, she said that; “Well, you’re a trained soldier”. “Yes” I replied; “And so are all the enemy infantry you are going to go up against. I could have killed you several times when I was mopping the floor with you. Any fit, enemy soldier will not be so considerate.”

My concern with the experiment is that the men in the mixed unit may suffer when the women prove physically unable to withstand combat. In one unit I was assigned to the Army placed women where they did not belong. The sergeant major placed them all in my section as he knew I was faithful to my wife and there would be no hanky-panky. As soon as the femmes found out they were going to be treated like any other soldier you never saw so many sick call runs. They wanted the sex-based special favors they were used to, not to work like any grunt. Pretty soon I had two, only two out of twenty, that stuck around. In the meantime, the others had tried to use sex to get favors from me. When that backfired on them, they tried false accusations of sexual harassment or battery. One flat out offered me oral sex to get out of weekend duty. All she got was 25 pushups for offering. Then my wife started getting calls from disguised female voices telling her I was sweating up the sheets with so-and-so, one time when I was sitting across the table from my wife.

Having a flock of women in a military unit is like high school all over again. Sure, there are a few, damned few who are worth their salt, but the great majority are not. Maybe that has changed since I retired. But with politics involved, I doubt it.

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1 year ago

I’m ex-Marine enlisted flight crew in C-130’s from the late 60’s and early 70’s. Though I wasn’t infantry and didn’t do it personally, it’s not even imaginable that women would be able to be able to keep up with multi-day patrols through the insane heat, combat and deprivation of the jungles of tropical Viet Nam. Maybe, 1 in 1000+ could have even approached the ability to deal with the physical demands of my job. I was extremely athletic and much stronger that any woman I’ve ever met and it stressed me. I’m almost certain that the effort to introduce women… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago
Reply to  photog

It wasn’t just combat arms. When Jimmy Carter opened so many MOS’s to women in the Army, nobody happened to think if they could do the job. A for-instance is that they made women eligible to be 10 ton truck drivers. This was before automatic transmissions and power steering. One of the requirements for being a truck driver is that you have to change tires. I’d say 98% of the women who were made truck drivers could not manhandle those heavy tires to change them. We were assigned a femme 2nd lieutenant once. Our XO, a 1st Lt and a… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago
Reply to  TomD77

You C-130 crew were tough, C-130s did a lot of resupply under fire, especially using LAPES for firebases under attack.