What Have We learned over the Last Five Years?

Camera Girl headed out into the wide wonderful world of shopping and left me at home to revel in Father’s Day isolation.  Yesterday the family came over and we ate barbecued beef and all the splendiferous foods that Camera Girl knows how to make.  I watched the little ones playing very happily with each other and talked with the older ones and even with my children.  That was actually a lot of fun.  And they even got me a very nice photography related present.  It was a great visit.

And now today I am ensconced in my Father’s Day relaxation.  Maybe I’ll go outside a little later and do some work or take some pictures.  But right now, I thought maybe I should see what I’d like to write about.  And what I thought of on this day of quiet and contentment is, “What have we learned?”

No ranting, no raving.  No fist shaking or oath taking.  Not even much blaming.  Just what lessons have we learned and what practical actions should we employ in our lives?

One thing that is absolutely known now is that those opposed to us are running almost the whole show.  Even when the Presidency, both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court are all nominally held by Republicans the workings of the federal government are unmistakably under the control of the Left.  In the executive branch which is supposedly directly under the control of the president we witnessed bureaucrats from the cabinet level down to low level functionaries defy and successfully thwart the orders of the President of the United States.  We saw the judiciary branch conspire with the Justice Department to prosecute cabinet picks of the President and his friends in ways that would only seem possible in a banana republic.  The military has been shown to be full of traitors and ideologues.  The Congress in both houses and in both parties are full of leftists who have no regard for the protections that the Constitution should provide for the citizens of the United States.  And we know just how useless most of the Republican “leaders” really are.  John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Liz Cheney were not on our side.  They are frauds and our enemies.  And now that the Democrats have the Executive and Legislative branches in their power, I think we should be unsurprised when they enact unconstitutional laws that strip away the little freedom we have left.

And in addition to the federal government, it is now crystal clear that the private corporations are all aligned with the Left’s globalist and anti-white project.  Even looking beyond the blatant anti-white prejudice of the Silicon Valley companies we are faced with the spectacle of 2020 where every company from Coca Cola to Walmart announced their allegiance to the Anti-America project that BLM and Antifa and the Democrat Party had concocted.  Anti-white indoctrination is being openly pushed on employees of these companies and now the schools have been added to the agenda.  Our children from daycare on through graduate school will be harangued with propaganda alleging the genocidal and inhuman crimes that the Left has convicted us of in their twisted minds.

This is the lesson learned.  That is the black pill.

Now here is the white pill.  We can each of us reject all of this.  Now it is clear that we are a separate nation from the Left.  We are not their countrymen.  All we owe them is hatred and contempt.  We can raise our children to reject all of this.  We can educate them to see the propaganda.  And we can raise them to know what we see is the truth.

It is our responsibility to work against all of their agenda by any and all means possible.  We don’t have to worry about being fair or consistent.  They are neither of these things.  Real politic is fine.  Thwart them however you can.  Look for leaders to appear on our side and support them.  And don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  No one on our side will be a saint.  Accept that and allow for it.  As long as they aren’t monsters they will still be better than the slime balls on the Left.  Someone would have to be pretty creepy before he even comes close to Joe Biden or Hunter Biden or one of the other bug men.  Donald Trump is a flawed man but he was the greatest agent of political change that the Right has seen in my lifetime.  Look at the actions of a leader, not just his words or his hair.  Great things can still happen in this country if we’re honest and brave.

So, I’ll stop there.  What we’ve learned is that most of the power centers in this country are controlled by the Left.  But that if we start from that point of view, we can unite and advocate for the things we want in open resistance to the Left.  And that is enough for now.

Happy Father’s Day.

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