03JUL2021 – OCF Update

This will be a quiet day on the site.  We’re having our 4th of July family barbecue at noon today.  Some folks wouldn’t be a able to make it tomorrow so the 3rd will take its place. The burgers and the dogs are waiting for my grilling and Camera Girl has already prepared everything but the corn.

The weather is plain awful for July.  It’s sixty something degrees and it’s been raining on and off and sometimes in buckets full, for three days!  The grass is growing like crazy and so are the weeds in the gardens.  The only thing I can be happy about is I haven’t had to water the plants in four days.  But I’d gladly trade that for some hot sunny weather.

So it’ll be slow on the site.  I have a theme I’m working on about the false choice between white identity politics and civic nationalism but I want to get it just right.  It’s really a case of acknowledging the strategy of identity politics that the Left is using and calling that what it really is. It’s anti-white hatred.    And calling it out for what it is forces those who are going along with it to be seen as the aggressors and therefore a legitimate target for our retaliation.

On the photographic front I hear that Sony is coming out with an A7 IV in September.  Anyway that’s the rumor.  I’ll be renting it to see if it suits my needs and if it does, then I’ll trade up for my A7 III.  But if I do it’ll be just as much to freshen my camera as anything.  I really don’t need a better camera.  The A7 III is the first Sony that does everything well enough to satisfy my needs.  And the 24 mega-pixels is plenty enough for me.  The new camera is supposedly a 40 mega-pixel sensor and that’s a lot of space on the hard drive.  I guess I could just replace mine wiuth another A7 III.  But we’ll see.  camera gear lust can’t be completely sated even in the old.

So enjoy the day.  I’ll post as I can.  Stay tuned.