Compared to What?

When leftists attack the history of the United States they point to the expansion of the European settlers in the new world and decry the dislocation that fell upon the Native Americans and they point to the black Africans that were swept up in the slave trade and suffered years of bondage.  And they even point to the role of women as domestic chattel without the right to vote or own property of their own and had to endure the hard work and limited opportunities as wives and mothers.  Finally, they’ll indict our ancestors because they criminalized and stigmatized homosexuals.  The Left will hammer away and condemn the American project as racist, genocidal, misogynistic, homophobic and a host of other slurs.

But I always remember that the Left are relativists.  They don’t believe in absolutes.  So, I am always ready to ask, “We are all these terrible things relative to what?  Compared to what?  Name a society that existed before Enlightenment Europe that was less racist, less misogynistic, less homophobic and less unjust.  And any that came after, show how they don’t derive their policies from the Enlightenment Europeans.”

They can’t do it.  You’ll be met with either silence or absurd lies that don’t stand up to historical examination.  All of the policies that the Left embraces exist because the English or the Americans have allowed them to exist.  The English were the first to abolish slavery.  They eliminated it from their vast empire.  We followed their lead.  Americans gave the vote to emancipated black slaves.  The Americans gave women the vote and the whole world followed suit.  Americans have decriminalized and practically sanctified every form of deviant sexual behavior short of bestiality and pedophilia and that was well in advance of some of the third world societies that the Left is always defending like the Arab countries.  In fact, many of these Muslim nations still have the death penalty by cruel methods to punish homosexuals.

So, when the Left is busy denouncing historical figures and Europeans in general for the sins of not being current with the latest fashion in queer political grievances I can’t help but laugh at the fact that at any other time and place they would be squatting around a mud hut filled with vermin and disease, eating food that was rotting where it sat while their leaders plotted the next raid against their neighboring tribe with the intent of capturing, torturing and killing all of the men and raping and enslaving the women as a grand adventure to enhance their status as the greatest tribe in their crap-hole corner of the jungle or desert or prairie that they inhabited.

You can search across Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas and you will find that the history of mankind is a history of war, slavery and domination of the weaker by the stronger.  To dare to indict the actions and the motives of the Europeans that built the current world civilization because they didn’t anticipate a future where their pampered descendants and those of their former enemies would condemn their relatively enlightened behavior is outrageously illogical and laughably stupid.

So, when the Left comes after Robert E. Lee and even Thomas Jefferson, I say who would you put forth from the same time period in say Sudan or the Congo or any other non-European place that was more enlightened than they were with respect to slavery?  Who was around at the time of Columbus who wouldn’t have been eager to conquer new lands for his king?  Surely not the Aztecs.  They would have slaughtered every stranger they could lay their hands on and cut their hearts out of their bodies on their bloody altars.  How would the transgender HR representative at Google like to demand that its pronouns be honored by the Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran.  I suspect he would find himself being hurled off a ten-story building for his trouble.

So, when a Leftist tells you how evil America is, ask him, “Compared to What?”

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6 months ago

In my experience, the response to “Compared to what?” will be – “America is not living up to its ideals.”
Well, no shit Sherlock. That’s why they are called ideals. Our principals are something to strive for and yes – they are difficult to achieve.
But please, dear liberal, enlighten me. Give me an example of another country that does live up to the American ideals. Name one.
I’ll wager they cannot even name another country that attempts the same ideals.

War Pig
War Pig
6 months ago

Outstanding. I am going to use this going forward.