29JUL2021 – OCF Update – Not Much Going On

I’ve been reading through the news stories.  There’s not a lot there that’s “new.”  Will the stimulus be six trillion or one trillion?  Will the blue states force their slaves to wear masks again?  Will Nancy Pelosi declare all Trump voters white supremacists?

How exciting.

Honestly, I’ve got nothing today.  I’ve been thinking about what I should do locally.  I sent an e-mail to my local Republican Town Committee to see if they do anything useful.  I was told that they get together once a month so I’ll see them in about three weeks.

I’ve been struggling with some plot problems in my sci fi book but I think I’ve got a handle on it.  I’ve been trying to decide if my character will fake his own death and go underground to protect his family from retribution by his evil left-wing enemies.  I’ve decided I like it.  Now to build the details of the hidden revolutionary headquarters.  I’m trying to decide if it should be in the Rocky Mountains or right out in plain sight under the prairie.  I’m thinking geothermal energy would be the least improbable as an energy source for this super secret base.  Anyway I’m getting something thought out so today won’t be a total waste from an intellectual viewpoint.  Other than that I’m battling an algae outbreak in the swimming pool.  The algaecide I was using wasn’t very efficacious.  I’ve ordered a copper based solution which I’ve always heard is the gold standard.  Camera Girl has been critiquing my algae brushing technique.  Apparently she thinks it lacks authority.  So it’s back to the salt mines.

I’ll have something up later once my brain has a chance to percolate.