02AUG2021 – Good Morning Gulag Archipelago!

Word today is that office workers in “health-related” fields in New England have reinstated masking requirements.  The local cable news is sounding the alarm that the delta variant is stalking the region and without masks and constant fear COVID wins.  Go Team Fear!  Of course the number of deaths seems to be completely petering out so I’m guessing that even the panic stricken New Englanders are having a hard time goading themselves into mandatory masking and the rest of the madness.  It’s sad to say but I think the delta variant is a bust.

Anyway, with my new emphasis on useful things I’m going to spend a good deal of today enjoying a beautiful early New England Winter day with temperatures in the high seventies and lots of blue sky.  I hope to get some more fiction writing done and some yard projects.  Yesterday Camera Girl lowered the boom on me and mandated that I clean out the gutters on the garage and pool shed.  This was an unsafe and unfunded mandate that required me to climb rickety ladders and face unknown dangers such as wasps, noxious fumes and repetitive motion injury.  When I finished I was hoping that at least there would be a sign or a banner declaring me “the real hero.”  Alas there was none.  The only acknowledgement I received was the news that cleaning out the gutter made the dog’s pen area “smelly.”  There is no justice.

Today I’m going to try and get some photos with the 200-600mm lens.  Camera Girl has been swooning over a family of rabbits that has been eating some of our hostas.  Since she won’t let me shoot them with a firearm I’ll see if I can get some shots with the camera.  Also birds and butterflies will be my other targets.

I can write some gloom and doom later but right now it’s too nice out to waste the time.  Go and enjoy the splendor.

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