12AUG2021 – OCF Update – Work, Work, Work

Camera Girl had me in the garage setting mouse traps in anticipation of the fall return of Mouse Man.  Why mice in a garage is a big deal I don’t know but women fear rodents.  So Mouse Man must die!

I’ll be out this morning stalking the elusive hummingbird and I can already tell the heat is gonna be something.  But we all must suffer for our art so high ho, high ho.

I’ll return later to see what’s brewing.  Apparently Joe Biden wants the King of Saudi Arabia to lower the price of oil.  Yeah, right.  Maybe he can make Andrew Cuomo the ambassador to Saudi Arabia and they can chase the Saudi king’s various dancing girls around the pool.  But I think the price of oil is only going one way.

To be continued.

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1 year ago

Actually, around here mouse man REALLY has to go! Three years ago, the hoards of mouse men and Minnie mouse men completely ate the wiring harness for my boat. This included all lights, motor controls, electronics wiring, tach, gas gage, the works! The cost to repair didn’t quite reach 5 figures. I have a pickup truck that use on the occasion that I need a truck. I had noticed loosing function on things but repaired them and waged what I thought was full scale war. Seven combined sticky pads, mouse traps and bait traps were double sided taped to various… Read more »