This Guy Thinks the Afghan Rout Will Be the Deep State’s Undoing

Interesting read.  Will it really spell the doom of our Cloud Elite?  It would be nice but I’m not sure I see it that way.  It’s definitely a blow to Joe Biden’s credibility.  It’s an object lesson to Iran, China, North Korea and Russia that the people in charge have grown feckless.  Maybe it’s a sign to us that our enemies are a lot stupider than we thought they were.

What Afghanistan told me was that we can’t trust any of the suits in Washington.  Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have our interests at heart.  They’re globalists and they believe in things that we abhor.  My take away is we need new leaders.  And we’d better be real careful choosing them.  We can’t afford to make these mistakes again.  They’ve already almost bled us dry.

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2 years ago

Nothing will undo the corrupt deep-state. Only blood and bullets will change any of it.