My Favorite People Are Americans

I have known people from around the world.  In my life I have met refugees from China, Russia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey.  And many of them were interesting, intelligent and friendly human beings.  But by leaps and bounds my favorite people are Americans.  Not because they are so much smarter or nicer but because I am an American.  We are members of the same club.  We wear the same club pin.  We know the secret handshake.  We pay dues to the same organization and we grew up together.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t Americans who stink.  Even ones who aren’t traitors, ones who truly belong to our side of the fence can be stupid or evil or both.  Every family has its black sheep.  But family is still family.  The only ones I disown are the ones who’ve disowned me.  The white guilt, white privilege, equity/diversity/inclusion, unconscious bias crowd.  Those I disown.  They are not Americans.  They are former Americans who have betrayed their country to a global conspiracy against America.

But real Americans are some of the nicest, kindest, most competent people on the face of the Earth.  Houston, Texas.  Sacramento, California.  Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Lawrence, Kansas.  Tomahawk, Wisconsin.  Toledo, Ohio.  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  Dalton, Georgia.  Springfield, Missouri.  I’ve been to all these places for work.  I was there to get some project completed, either designing process equipment with a manufacturer or on site at a customer’s plant troubleshooting a problem.  And in every one of these places, I met people who surprised me by their friendliness.

So what’s my point?  Just this.  If I could go to all of these random places in this enormous country and meet good people, people who would see past my strange northeastern accent and brusque manner, and even when in an adversarial position impress me with their decency and good nature, then I find it extremely hard to believe that this is an evil place where people deserve to be punished by their own government and deprived of their rights because they were born white.

In fact, I refuse to believe it.  These are my people.  They believe what I believe.  They love what I love.  Their people came here to flourish as free men.  They don’t have to leave.  They don’t have to disappear.  We will have re-organize.  We will need to work around the cancer that is afflicting us.  Hopefully someday we’ll be able to surgically remove it.  But until then we’ll need to redirect resources to organizations and efforts that help us.  And until some true organization begins to happen, we’ll have to do this resource management at the micro level.  We have to finance our families and our communities to support the people and activities that represent us.

And before you support anyone or anything test it to see if it supports the people and organizations that hate us.  See what stands behind it.  If a charity flies the rainbow flag or displays the BLM symbol, walk away.  Anyone who embraces any anti-white talking points, reject.  Any activity that disparages the American flag or substitutes some other flag or anthem, abandon.  Now that the enemies of America have become so open in their hatred it’s much easier to instruct your children and grandchildren in who their enemies are.  We need to raise awareness of who are our enemies and who are our friends.

We are a great and good people.  We deserve to flourish and we will.  All we have to do is get re-organized.

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2 months ago

Great post. I could agree any more!

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