02SEP2021 – OCF Update

Today was a strange mixture of things.  Camera Girl’s car needed a new gas tank and heat shield so I had to give her a lift to pick it up (and pay for it!).  But to pay me back she used her hawk-like eyesight to find a full-grown praying mantis in her gardern and a spotted salamander in the pool.  After saving him and another one I did a photo shoot of the salamanders and the mantis today.

Later on my trusty wilderness guide spotted a rodent of unusual size (RUS) swimming around in the pond.  I started yelling, “Where, where?”  Which panicked it and I could see a rather large creature crashing through the undergrowth on the opposite side of the pond.  We both agreed it’s probably a beaver sizing up the pond for a brand new dam.  Long time readers will remember we had one of the varmints living in the pond a few years back.  He disappeared under what I consider suspicious circumstances.  We’ll see if history repeats itself.

I plan to spend some time with the photos I took today and put up a post on them.

I noticed that the Supreme court managed to override John Roberts’ veto to allow Texas to pass a restrictive abortion law.  This is sure to rile up the Dems.  They may eliminate the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court in retaliation.  Should make for maximum theater.  Good.  Let her rip.  Let’s bust the thing up as soon as possible.  Why pretend there are laws that the Dems would obey.

I see Biden’s underwater job approval rating has finally been allowed to show.  They’ve got the approval/disapproval as 45.4 / 49.4.  I think the real numbers are more like 40 / 60 but at least they’re reporting something close to real.  Well that’s what happens when you run away from a war zone and leave people behind.

Stay tuned.  It’s been active lately.  More will follow.

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