Biden Vs. DeSantis

I watched Biden’s old man’s rant against people who don’t want to be vaccinated.  Then I watched Ron DeSantis’s rebuttal.  My first comment is Ron DeSantis comes off as a leader and Joe Biden comes off as a demented liar.  And by the way, Joe would be a liar even if he hadn’t already slipped into late-stage senility.  He’s always favored bold lies.  But whoever is writing his speeches seems completely unconcerned with either truth or even the appearance of credibility.

Joe has stripped away the mask and is now dictating unconstitutional controls over the lives of all Americans.  He is dictating the medicines we take and forcing us to walk around with our mouth and nose covered regardless of how that will affect us physically and emotionally.  He has become the embodiment of Orwell’s dark vision of the future “1984.”

Ron DeSantis talks like a representative of the people of his state and he has carefully staked out a position that addresses the actual problems and allows him to offer all the citizens of his state choices that they can decide between.  First off, he was ahead of the curve getting safeguards in place to protect the large elderly population in Florida from a virus that was primarily a threat to their age group.  And he worked hard to make vaccines available to all the people who wanted them.  But he also made a point to protect the people who didn’t want the vaccines and didn’t want their lives disrupted.  He hasn’t force people to wear masks.  He hasn’t closed down restaurants and theaters and stadiums.  In fact, he’s gone the extra mile and made sure there were laws in place to protect Floridians from corporations and local governments who would lock down these businesses and enforce a mask mandate.

And he’s earned the ire of the media because of it.  During the Delta Variant spike, the news companies have been keeping up a drumbeat counting deaths and taking the side of teachers’ unions and school boards who want to force small children to wear masks to placate the teachers who in some cases aren’t even willing to be vaccinated themselves.  This is a guy who is planning a strategy to show his citizens that there is an alternative to shutting down a country and hiding under your bed.  He’s showing that Fauci and Cuomo and now Biden are lazy idiots who don’t have the sense to try and adapt to a bad situation in a way that doesn’t punish people for trying to live their lives.  He’s smart and he’s got some courage.  What I see is a man who is auditioning for one of the top two spots in the next administration.

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden sounds like a liar and an incompetent trying to shift blame to anybody but himself.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigns relatively soon.  But his replacement is almost as bad.  She’s an unlikable shrew with absolutely no ability to speak to reporters and not much in the way of brains.  So, if Joe quits it’s a case of “out of the frying pan and into the fire” for the Democrats.  Three years of Harris should be enough to throw the election to Trump even if the fraud machines are running at full speed.

What I’m interested in is what kind of cabinet DeSantis could provide to either himself or Donald Trump.  Trump had almost no one working for him who was both competent and loyal.   Mike Pompeo and Mike Flynn were probably the only exceptions I can think of.  If DeSantis has built up a core of good men who can run the departments of the federal government, then we might see some real progress in draining the swamp in Washington.  I don’t mean to get too far ahead of myself but it is tempting to imagine that experienced government administrators would have a much better chance of hitting the ground running than just random Republican hacks borrowed from the think tanks and the former George W. Bush administration.

Maybe Ron DeSantis has the right stuff.  It will be interesting to see how he copes with what Dementia Joe and the Swamp will throw at him starting today.  I wish him every success.  Because his success would be our good fortune.

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