11SEP2021 – OCF Update


What a beautiful day.  Late summer has an amazing feel to it.  There’s almost a stillness.  As if it’s a pause before the descent.  Most of the plants are still alive but they’re almost ready to give up.  I walked around the yard and the gardens and the woods.  Sort of fixing it in my mind’s eye before the leaves change color and the flowers all dry up.

I thought about writing a 9/11 post today and decided not to.  Maybe a different day I’ll have something worth saying but today I’d rather not even think about it.  It’s too bitter.

I’m very curious to see what kind of trouble Biden tries to make for DeSantis.  That should be pivotal to where all of this will be going.  Will we endure a forever pandemic or will the free areas break free of the charade and move on?

I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day and puts it to some good use.  I’ve got to take apart a pen that we were using for an outdoor rabbit enclosure.  Petey boy nipped one of the grandkids so out he went.  I’m glad he’s gone.  He was a loafer who didn’t pull his own weight around here.  But for Camera Girl’s sake I kept it to myself.  Let this be an object lesson to the hamster and the guinea pigs.  You are expendable.  So toe the line.


Well stay tuned.  Interesting subjects are always popping up.

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11 months ago

I’m so ready for this blazing heat and dripping humidity to go away but, down here, it will be a while yet.

Tyler, the Portly Politico

I know what you mean about the stillness, photog. I spent the morning out in the yard pulling weeds. Our growing season is a bit longer here in South Carolina, but I can tell that Nature is settling down a bit. The mornings are increasingly crisp and cool (though I expect we’ll have quite a few more hot and humid ones before true autumn arrives here, which is usually after Halloween). I was working in blue jeans, and my legs didn’t get hot until close to noon, when I decided to knock off for the day (and take a long… Read more »