18SEP2021 – OCF Update

Yesterday’s visit has thrown me completely off schedule.  I just finished off a week’s worth of quotes and photos but I haven’t put together a single post in over a day.  Well, a happy get together of friends is always a positive so I’ll have to do my best to catch up as best I can.

I heard some reports on just how awful parts of New York City had become.  One particularly disturbing aspect is the prevalence of mentally disturbed homeless men.  This has made certain areas of Manhattan no-go zones for women and the infirm.  Another report that was interesting is a trend by gang members to perform daytime reconnaissance of likely robbery targets and then perform a coordinated attack at night on several locations simultaneously thus overloading an already degraded police response.  In one of these attacks a victim refused to hand over his expensive watch and was shot for his trouble.  The police have stopped reporting a lot of the robbery.  It’s too prevalent to note.  They’re concentrating on the assaults and killings.

There was a spirited discussion about the outcome of the anti-police campaign going on in the cities.  Someone noted that even though the cities have changed course and are attempting to fill the vacancies in their police departments, candidates are not forthcoming.  Apparently it’s just not worth the risk of being prosecuted by an ungrateful city government for doing their jobs.

I said that regardless of any individual failings of police officers the attacks on law and order were an existential threat to our society.  I stated my opinion that the police should walk away from these places all together.  I said that complete lawlessness should be fostered in these places for as long as it takes for the people who voted for all this to get all the anarchy they could possibly want and then some.  I finished by saying I fervently hope that my home town burns more or less to the ground.  That will be the only thing that teaches these people what their philosophy truly stands for.

Then we stopped for a very satisfying meal of spaghetti puttanesca and assorted cold sandwiches.  After that we discussed the relative merits of various Humphrey Bogart movies.  Yesterday I was partial to, “To Have and Have Not.”  Others disagreed and sided with “The Big Sleep” or “The Maltese Falcon.”  So we put on the “Big Sleep” and  marveled at just how many pretty girls Bogey had throwing themselves at him.  Carmen, Mrs. Rutledge, the librarian, the bookstore girl, the cabbie, the hat check girls.  Looking at Bogey it seemed incomprehensible.  But life is not always sensible.  For instance, how could I explain how I managed to rope Camera Girl in?  Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

And before the visit broke up we planned some kind of gathering between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  After all, family commitments made those occasions just too hard to work around.  Whereas between them was a few weeks when everyone else would be reeling from Thanksgiving dinner and unlikely to compete for time.

So, it’s no excuse for my tardiness writing here but at least it’s put me in a good mood for tackling my various on-line and real world chores.  Now to dissect Dementia Joe’s latest debacle.