Just in Time for Christmas Cowards Cave to Toy Blackmail

Lego announced that they’ve signed up with the feminists and LGBTQ mafia to demonize boys who like traditional boys’ toys like their expensive blocks sets.  This si coming out just when California had to legislate against stores having separate aisles for boys’ and girls’ toys.

The article stated,

In a statement released on October 10, Lego announced that it would work with both the Geena Davis Institute and UNICEF to make sure that its “products and marketing are accessible to all and free of gender bias and harmful stereotypes.”

Well I’ll just give my opinion.  If any toy manufacturer goes the full nine yards and stresses gender bias and harmful stereotypes, then they’re guaranteed my business.  I’m completely happy with my grandsons playing with swords and guns and my granddaughters playing with dolls and kitchen sets.  That’s just the dinosaur I am.

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14 days ago

I’m not sure this is that big of a deal. I don’t recall seeing “For Boys” or “For Girls” on Lego sets. Now, I somehow doubt that many boys will want to build and play with Elsa’s Jewelry Box, but if they want to – fine. I think Lego is just jumping on this for some free publicity. Likewise, I don’t recall seeing “Boys” or “Girls” sections of toy stores (Are there any toy stores anymore? I think all of the Toys-R-Us stores are now selling Halloween decorations.) IIRC the stores put all the dolls in one section and all… Read more »

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