What Will Be Left of the Country After Four Years of Biden?

Right now, Dementia Joe has turned the United States into a dumpster fire.  Unemployment hasn’t recovered from the pandemic, small businesses have been decimated, prices of everything from gasoline to food has gone through the roof, the supermarket shelves are half empty, pre-school kids are being forced to wear masks over their faces, airlines, hospitals and even schools are being affected by hordes of people who don’t want to acquiesce to a vaccine mandate that they think is either useless or dangerous or both.  The southern border is besieged by hordes of third world invaders, the major cities are lawless hellholes where gangs shoot it out without fear of the police, the schools are determined to teach white children that they are evil people because of their skin color and the FBI is calling their parents terrorists for objecting.  And it’s only been nine months.  Who knows what he has planned for the holiday season?

Lots of Republicans are salivating over what they see as the makings of a wave election in 2022 to give them majorities in the House and Senate.  They see this as the reaction they need to begin preparing for taking back the White House in 2024.  And maybe they’re right.  Maybe that’s what will happen.  But what will be left by then?

Joe Biden may throw the Congress to the Republicans in 2022 but he’ll still be doddering around the White House for the next three plus years and the way things are going the damage will be even worse than what his master Barack Obama did in his eight years.  With the FBI and the Justice Department running interference for antifa and BLM the riots we saw in 2020 will increase and go after the people outside of the cities.  The war that Biden is waging against the petroleum industry will drive inflation into realms we haven’t seen since the 1970’s oil embargo.  Everyone except the rich will see their savings and their buying power evaporate and we’ll all be living a lot poorer until Biden is gone.  None of this is going to be easy to live through.  And on top of everything else, those of us trapped behind enemy lines in the blue states will be dealing with this COVID madness apparently forever.  Joe Biden will torture us as long as he can.

So, I’ve painted a bleak picture.  Let me now attempt to say something constructive.  Now is the time to take stock and decide how to weather the storm.  Prioritize on the things that are most important in your life and strip away the waste.  Maybe an expensive cable television package is a luxury that you can do without.  Maybe you don’t need a new car quite as often.  Maybe dining out is a very expensive habit you’ve gotten into.  Maybe the clothes budget and the Amazon.com bill has been getting a little out of hand.  How about the food budget?  Have you been spending a fortune on expensive wines or other non-essential grocery items?  Maybe the kids have been getting used to too many expensive video games and toys.

Some of the things I’ve been thinking about is doing some of my own home repairs.  And I may be one of the most inept carpenters to ever drive a nail.  But when I think of what I’ve paid in the past to repair wood damage I think it’s worth my while to do everything I can do first before calling in professionals.  Even a little plumbing and landscaping are well within my meager skills.  I was even able to step up and do some small engine repair this year.

But just as important as saving some money is sticking together.  You’ll know some people, family and friends that will be even worse off than you.  Families with kids are especially affected by an inflationary economy.  It takes a lot of groceries to feed a bunch of kids.  Helping out however you find to do it will be a godsend to people who are having a hard time making ends meet.  Maybe you can tutor someone’s kid who is having a hard time with algebra or babysit someone’s toddler while mom is going to the stores.  There are a million and one things that people need and now it will be all that plus bad times.  When someone you like needs your help find a way to help.  Who knows, it probably will come back to you some other way.  Many people remember kindness and return the favor.  I know this to be true.

While all this is happening, my greatest hope is that people on the Right will start planning for a way to stop this thing from happening any more.  The Red States have to start taking coordinated actions to free themselves from the control of the federal government.  They have to put together financial, law enforcement and immigration policies of their own that will prevent the damage that a rogue president like Biden can cause.  But in the meantime, we will have to deal with the damage that is coming our way right now.

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12 days ago

The nation is being wrecked on purpose, it’s straight out of Cloward-Privin as a prelude to seizing permanent power. Covid will provide cover. Academia, media and the hard left (redundant, I know) will dance together in the streets as they plan the reeducation camps.

I fanaticize a scene from Lord of the Rings as a besieged Gandalf guards the bridge against the monster Balrog. You shall not pass!

The Lord of the Rings – The Bridge of Khazad Dum – Music Video – Bing video

Last edited 12 days ago by TomD
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