Delta Airlines Will Not Mandate Vaxx – The First Hint of Corporate Sanity

After Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel thousands of flights, allegedly not because of pilot sickouts, Delta Airlines  CEO says he will not enforce Biden’s stupid corporate vaxx mandate.  Can I believe my ears?  Courage from an American business CEO?  Or was it just fear of a massive business loss if a bunch of pilots walked away?

Well, whatever the reason, here’s hoping a bunch of other folks do the same.  Let’s Go Brandon!




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1 month ago

The cynical side of me says it’s simply so they can upcharge the insurance premiums by $200/month for each unvaxxed employee.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually see anything wrong with this surcharge… it already happens for smokers.

But I’m fairly certain Delta is self-insured, meaning they get that additional $200/month. They’re playing the odds that it will increase their cash.

1 month ago

Have you seen the latest from the FDA? You should get a booster and it doesn’t matter which booster you get. So if you got the J&J Jab, (One shot only – remember) you can get a Moderna booster and be better off. Am I the only one who thinks this is odd? It might be that getting more than one vaccine is a good thing. Or there might be unforeseen interactions. 2 or 3 different vaccines running around your body might be the best immunization. Or it might be a very bad idea. The point is, we don’t know.… Read more »

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