Sony Unveils the A7 IV Full Frame E-Mount Camera

Sony announced the upcoming A7 IV e-mount full frame camera.  The preview I saw at the B+H Photo site was pretty impressive.  It’s supposedly has most of the autofocus and other upgrades of the A1 top of the line camera in this new standard camera.  It’s even got the reversible LCD screen which people making vlogs really want.  I has bird eye auto focus tracking and all the other stuff that nature and sports shooters want.  They claim tha the AF capability rivals the A1.  That probably will have to be confirmed in the field.  I’ve seen reality sometimes lag behind such claims.  But that being said, I’m sure that the Af on this new camera will blow away what I can do with the A7 III.  I would like to find out if the LA-EA5 will be able to use non-motorized lenses on this camera but that is sort of a minor point that reflects my senitmental attachment to a couple of old A-mount lenses that I own.  The price is $2,600 which I guess is sort of expected.  Ouch!

The release date hasn’t been announced.  But it is fairly certain that I’ll trade in my A7 III for this camera.  It just makes sense.  For you Sony shooters this is an interesting moment.  Do you need the latest and greatest?  Personal choice.


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1 year ago

I’ve read $2600 in one location and $2500 in several others. I’ll probably buy through B&H Camera, if for no other reason to avoid the $170 in sales tax. Plus I’ve already gotten quotes on values from B&H for my A7III and A7RII that would leave me having to pony up only around $850. I’m going to keep my A6400 because it makes a superb travel camera and, frankly, you have to look long and hard to see any differences in image quality. It fits perfectly in the console of whatever I’m driving at the minute and I wouldn’t have… Read more »

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1 year ago

I preordered one from B&H at a cost of $2,498, net. The predicted shipping date is Dec 30th, so don’t hold your breath waiting for reviews from me. Plenty on you tube though.