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Above, going through Buckhead on Ga 400 a couple of weeks ago.

I grew up in metro Atlanta and spent most of my life there up until a few years ago, but never within the City limits.

The big deal there now is that the richest subdivision of the city, Buckhead, is trying hard to secede from Atlanta in order to form it’s own police force and may well succeed. (I think I’ve never previously managed to get both secede and succeed in the same sentence.) The chaos, murder, car jackings, rampant shopliftings and police stand downs really didn’t play well with the folks over on Blackland Rd near the Governors Mansion along with their $50k-$100K per year property tax bills for their “houses”.

If Buckhead pulls it off, it will play the devil with Atlanta’s tax base. It would take away around 15% of the population of Atlanta City but maybe up to 60%+ of the property value. That’ll teach them to screw with the goose that laid the golden egg! Just try looting a few $billions in “tax” from the inner city neighborhoods. Fat chance of that.

BTW: The City of Atlanta is just a niche in Greater Atlanta, with a population of around a half million in the 7 million person by 10,000 square mile metro area.

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11 months ago

I lived in Buford (North-eastern Atlanta suburb, for those not familiar…about 25 miles from the Atlanta city limits) for 18 years, and I worked in Sandy Springs for 13 of those years. The fact that it is Buckhead that is trying this is interesting. Depending on where lines are drawn, wouldn’t Buckhead be completely surrounded by the Atlanta city limits? Essentially a separate city inside the city? Regardless, if I were driving this in Buckhead, I’d be setting up working sessions with the people in Sandy Springs that successfully incorporated in 2005. I know it’s a different scenario, but there… Read more »