NYC Proves There’s No Cure for Stupid

The New York City Council is preparing to pass a law allowing 800,000 non-citizen residents to vote in municipal elections.  Even that drooling moron Bill  de Blasio suspects that this would be against the New York State constitution but don’t assume that will be a barrier.  The New York State legislature is just as brain dead as their downstate brethren in the City.  They’ll probably say hold my beer and pass the same law for the whole state.

You’d think with the city tottering on the precipice of anarchy that they’d attempt to rein in the crazy.  But no, their new motto must be, “When you’ve dug yourself into a hole so deep you can’t see the sky, dig faster.  How far could China be?”

I think this is great news.  Once the NYPD completely disappear I think we can expect the Lord Humongous to usurp the mayor’s authority sometime in the spring and then things will return to some semblance of sanity.  Once cannibalism is put on a sound economic footing confidence will be restored in New York City’s fiscal responsibility.  It’ll take months to finish eating everyone in Manhattan.  By then the Outer Boroughs will have emptied out voluntarily and the horde will set its sights on greener pastures, perhaps Philadelphia.

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1 year ago

I’m past suspecting that, whatever the ideal governing system turns out to be for the human species, universal franchise democracy has to be one of the bottom choices. Inviting the entire world in to vote in your election? Really? I mean really? Why restrict it to humans? Trees? How ’bout trees, birds? When you’re going insane, where are the logical limits? Once YOU accept the principle that there are no set limitations on who gets a vote, why expect that the process will culminate at a point that YOU consider to be reasonable? You have opened the doors to total… Read more »