The Sixth Circuit Denies Biden – That’s Gotta Sting

As the Justice Department spins furiously trying to allow the implementation of the Private Industry Vaccine Mandate the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals just said nope.  The Sixth Circuit which is pretty conservative court refused to hand the case over to a more liberal jurisdiction and likewise refused to vacate the halt that was put on the implementation of the mandate by the Fifth Circuit Court back in November.  Merrick Garland and Dementia Joe must be pretty sore after that beating.

Some are saying that this will eventually go to the Supreme Court.  Hopefully by that time COVID will be just a nasty memory and Biden can wear his mask by himself.





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Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
1 month ago

The whole Vaccine Mandate needs to be flushed. Especially for the DoD. Leave our troops and civilians alone.

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