Modern Astrophysicists Are Hacks

I’m sure most people are familiar with the CBS network comedy The Big Bang Theory.  In it a group of young physicists (and a spacecraft engineer) who are friends display their sexual and social dysfunction around a pretty blonde girl.  As amusing as that was (for a short time) the real takeaway should have been that what passes for astrophysicists today should disqualify this discipline from inclusion in the modern academy.

Now you may think I’m being ridiculous.  But I’m not.  Currently the astrophysical community believes in things called dark matter and dark energy because it’s the only way to explain why their models of the universe don’t correspond to their observations.  To me this means that they are hacks who would rather pretend that making up whole pantheons of fictitious and undetectable matter and energy particles without a shred of evidence is preferable to junking unproven assumptions like the Cosmological Principle.

This German lady physicist goes over the recent measurements that basically invalidate the Cosmological Principle.  And this basically invalidates the conclusions of the 2011 Nobel Prizes in Physics that went to the astrophysicists that supposedly demonstrated that the accelerating expansion of the caused by dark energy.  So I hope the Nobel committee is going to demand back their million dollars or whatever it is today.

Honestly, these people are an embarrassment to science.  I guess considering what passes for science today i shouldn’t be surprised.  Global warming pseudoscience gets a pass from governments and universities.  Why shouldn’t astrophysics be mumbo jumbo with string theory, dark matter and dark energy taking the place of actual thought.  If Einstein or Planck were alive today they’d slap the collective face of these mental midgets.  I guess it just confirms the general decline of our civilization.  Okay rant over.






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Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
1 month ago

Where was all the dark energy before the big bang fantasy?

1 month ago

OK. We will start with the assumption that all matter in the universe is distributed evenly.
But its not!
Doesn’t matter. We’re rollin!

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