08JAN2022 – OCF Update – Oh, the Pain, the Pain

I have a post queued up for tomorrow at 6 am but I just had to talk about the Star Trek series.  I just finished the Lights of Zetar episode and the review will come out at midnight tonight.  But I felt I needed to vent about this task I’m completing.

I had forgotten over the years just how awful the Season 3 episodes actually were.  I have only six episodes left and two of them I want to review.  Requiem for Methuselah I look forward to because I love the pomposity of the line, “I am Brahms and da Vinci.”  The other episode is the “space hippies” one which is so awful that I will luxuriate in its goofiness.  Spock playing his Vulcan harp shouldn’t be missed.  But that still leaves four putrid episodes I’ll have to watch and review.

I am a weak willed individual and my mind rebels at this thankless and painful task.  For that reason I felt it was fair to cry out with this whiny complaint.  Letting the world know of my anguish makes me feel better.  My pain is shared.

I try to psych myself up by thinking that I will be able to start my next review project.  I plan to do Jackie Gleason’s “The Honeymooners” series.  I’ve always enjoyed most of that series and it will be a pleasant contrast to Shatner and his crew of space losers.  Well, thank you for reading this howl of indignant pain.  For those of you who read the Star Trek reviews I hope the earlier episodes were more fun for you than these last ones.