Hollywood Blacklists White Men

Hollywood has codified affirmative action employment rules and is enforcing them.  So if the calculus of their rules requires that the director has to be a black transgender paraplegic then the results of the production should be fascinating.  And the results are already appearing.  Emboldened by the whip hand they’ve been given BIPOC cast and crew members now routinely lodge complaints against white male showrunners and directors knowing that the studio will put pressure on the man to kowtow to the empowered minorities or be fired.

The result of all this is obvious.  It will be all girl Ghostbusters all the time.  Expect humorless screeds from now on.  Every production from romantic comedy to action adventure will be so drowned in racial resentment and feminist screeching that the idea of being entertained will completely disappear from the experience.

I think it’s great,  I can think of no quicker way of impoverishing the industry than to let them put into practice their stupid beliefs about running society.  It’s all too reminiscent of Soviet cinema with its social justice messaging and secret police surveillance.  My only wish is that they dispense with white men all together.  Everyone from the owner of the studios to the assistant wig master should be some combination of non-white, non-male and non-normal.  I think of the great job they’ve done at reducing revenues and driving away their customers.  Eventually the Chinese will start producing movies for the American audiences and I’m sure they’ll be much, much better than the dreck Hollywood has put out in the last decade or so.

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1 year ago

I confess I don’t go to many movies so I haven’t noticed this. I did notice that they changed Nick Fury from a straight white guy to a straight black guy, but they kept the eye patch, so I was happy with that. I have noticed this with television – both in the TV shows and the commercials. TBH, I don’t really notice the race of the actor as long as they are good at their trade and they fit the role. I enjoyed the old “Equalizer” show when the lead was a white male but have not watched the… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  photog

The truly annoying part is that if you actually ask “Where all the white men at?” you will be tarred and feathered as an evil racist. Yet when the opposite question is asked, the person asking becomes a champion.
What cannot last, will not last. This double standard will eventually destroy what is left of our society.