15JAN2022 – OCF Update – Deep Freeze

Camera Girl announced to me this morning that the outside thermometer registered an impressive 2° Fahrenheit.  I went to the kitchen porch and duly ventilated my lungs with this arctic air.  When the coughing fit subsided, I made a mental note not to do that anymore.

I went through the news today and I didn’t see anything new of value.  I guess I will have to wait until something comes along to bloviate about.

Today is a good day for writing and doing some research on local events that might have value as photographic subjects.  Yesterday I got out and did some photography in a colonial era cemetery here in Dunwich.  Some of the dearly departed were bound to be warlocks and witches and other friends and family of Selectman Cthulhu so I was very conscious of any sounds or vibrations emanating from the ground.  I’ve seen enough movies to know that being dragged down into a graveyard is your own fault.  Sidestepping that sort of thing is trivially easy.  Luckily no such trouble occurred.  The dead were slumbering under a layer of fresh snow and the only noises I heard were Camera Girl grumbling under her breath about wasting her time.  It was a relatively short outing but it awoke my COVID drugged reflexes to seek out interesting images in the wide wonderful world.  However, 2° Fahrenheit is a powerful deterrent to wanderlust.  I’m staying put today and planning future treks.

Having finished the Star Trek episodes is a great milestone and a highly encouraging event.  Without the horrors of Season 3 shadowing my heart my spirit is buoyant and I can look forward to new projects with renewed zest.  I do plan to do some follow up work on the Star Trek project.  Some quantitative analysis of my ratings of the episodes might provide insights.  But that is for the future.  Right now, the attitude is, “Free at last, free at last.”

I’ve been disappointed by the fact that the last few Galaxy’s Edge novels have not been published in paperback.  I guess I’ll be forced to get kindle to read them.  I sent an e-mail to one of the authors to question if this is a permanent situation but he never got back to me.  I also have to catch up on the most recent Monster Hunter book too.  And eventually I have some movies to see also.

January 15th!  Time is whizzing by and they haven’t quite broken us yet.  I’m looking forward to more bright (but warmer) days like this and to getting out and about in the short winter days.  If anything interesting catches my eye I’ll be sure to pass it along but for now enjoy your day and stay warm if you’re living in the arctic waste like me.