A Little Fun Music

Tyler over at the Portly Politico in one of his music posts has a link to the William Tell Overture (but better known to non-musical types like myself as the theme song to the “Lone Ranger”).  I enjoy classical music but I have to be in the mood.

And just to show that I like me some classical music here’s a little opera.  Figaro, Figaro, Figaro.

“Largo al factotum.”  I’ve always liked this bit of opera because it allows me to revel in one of the few character traits of the Italians that seems positive, the irrepressible love of life.  Here’s a peon in the lowliest of professions but in his mind he’s a king.  He’s an absurd braggart but his unjustified confidence and swagger allows him to make his life a compelling adventure (at least for him).  The irrepressible clown prince.  And truth be told that kind of attitude is contagious and can be responsible for outbreaks of unbridled enthusiasm when it’s least expected.