Dr. Jill Bombs at the Book Store. Another Biden First.

Americans give a lot of respect to First Ladies.  It’s considered ungracious to go after anyone’s wife, even one as unlikeable as Michelle Obama.  But once again the Bidens are breaking new ground.

Why wouldn’t Americans be beating down the doors at their local Barnes and Noble to pay $26 for Jill: A Biography of the First Lady.

Well apparently they’re not.  This fascinating page turner only racked up 250 copies in its first week of sales.  It kind of makes sense.  The people who actually voted for Mumbles Biden can’t read so until the audiobook comes out it’s a non-starter for them.

If the Biden family is looking for a money making business proposition (a legal one) they should put together blooper reels of Dementia Joe trying to say, well, almost anything.  I just saw the video of him trying to say kleptocracy.  It makes Grandpa Simpson sound suave by comparison.

You know if Joe is still in office in 2024 he may end up as an American Ceaușescu. Except that instead of shooting him they’ll take away his ill-gotten gains and make him a janitor/tour guide in the Capitol building.  That way he can tell gullible people how he saved the world from Corn Pop and Donald Trump.

Seriously there’s something so third rate and creepy about the whole Biden White House that it feels like we’ve reached third world status.  Even Democrat voters are starting to find it impossible to ignore.  The incompetence and just plain weirdness of the president’s people has become the central feature of the whole administration.

Jimmy Carter is 97 and now has finally lived long enough to lose the mantle of worst president in living memory.  Biden passed him last year during the pandemic and now has a commanding lead with galloping stagflation, war with Russia and Soviet Union-like empty shelves at the grocery stores.  And with the official opening of a Ministry of Truth he can even give Stalin and Mao a run for their money for the title of worst leader since Hitler.

This is certainly becoming a different America we’re living in.  I felt that way during the Obama years but now it’s accelerating.  It’s like the brakes are gone on this funhouse ride and we’re bound to crack up around some curve.  I guess in a way we’re at least coming to a crisis point where some important changes could be forced upon us but the whole thing is depressing and nauseating.

But maybe, finally we’ve reached the point where the Democrats haven’t got anyone worse than Biden to put up in the next election.  Maybe things will get better going forward.  But out of the corner of my eye I spot Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and I realize that’s just brave talk.  There is no bottom.  It’s Bidens all the way down.

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Ed Brault
Ed Brault
9 months ago

Only 250 copies? What happened, even the Progressive Universities didn’t buy 1000 copies apiece for their libraries? Or are they waiting for the start of the next semester when the Modern Lit profs add it to the Mandatory Reading Lists?