First Reports on 2022 Primaries

Here we are in the 2022 Primary Election Season.  Last night J. D. Vance won his race primarily because Donald Trump rescued him from Vance’s own earlier statements calling Trump reprehensible.  Whether Vance really regrets his earlier statements or is following his political self-interest is very hard to know.  But even if it is the latter, it is a sign that politicians are awakening to the reality that almost all Republican voters, most Independents and even some Democrats are completely fed up with the madness that has been going on at the behest of the Left for the last few years.

And that is good.

It’s good because if politicians think that their self-interest is tied to the America First movement then some progress will be made.  And more important than this carrot will be the stick.  The fate of the Republican congressional representatives who voted for Trump’s impeachment will be an object lesson for the rest of the Congressional Clowns who suckle at the Federal Teat.  Seeing these “brave patriots” losing their cozy offices on Capitol Hill and forced to look for honest work will send chills of panic down the spines of their fellow congress critters.

Who knows it might even energize mavericks like Mittens Romney to suddenly see the light and discover their hidden love of all things Trumpian.  Stranger things have happened.  But that would be a shame.  There is nothing I would enjoy more than seeing Romney successfully primaried out of office in 2024.

So, what we may be seeing is the beginning of the reaction to the 2020 debacle.  It won’t be 100% effective.  Phonies will masquerade as friends.  Crooks will sneak in as they always do but even they will begin to vote the right way.  These people can tell which way the wind blows and they’ll join the winning side at least for the moment.  What’s more important will be to see if any effective plans are made by our “leaders.”  Blocking any further Biden judicial candidates is a no brainer.  Investigations into things like the Biden laptop could produce useful headlines in the run-up to the 2024 election season.

Most important is to deny Biden anymore funds for his Climate Change boondoggles.  The trillions of dollars that have been poured into the coffers of phony green energy companies is the source of all the corruption that the Democrats feed on.  Cutting off that supply is critical to saving our economy.  Unfortunately, many of the Republicans feed at that same trough.  It will take a long time before the McConnells of the Republican Party are finally booted out of Washington.

But the single biggest thing that the 2022 mid-terms can provide us with is the spectacle of Joe Biden going through an impeachment.  It’s 99% sure he won’t be convicted but performing the trial will provide a powerful image of all the things that were swept under the carpet in 2020 being put on display.  All of the obvious evidence of Joe Biden’s complicity in Hunter’s influence peddling will be exposed.  And all the other failures of the Biden administration can be tacked on too if there is a good way to present them as malfeasance or even incompetence.

So, this is all just foreshadowing what I hope to see as the results of a successful 2022 election cycle.  But I will confess there does seem to be more energy than I anticipated.  Could we be seeing a really big change this time?

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2 years ago

Impeachment! Tie him up with impeachment trials. The democrats won’t vote to convict? Fine. Have another impeachment. Keep it going and bind his hands until he(Or is handlers) realize that this is all that will happen until he is replaced. Things Slow Joe can be impeached for (Off the top of my head): Not securing the boarder. This is a responsibility of the executive defined in the constitution. He is not doing his duty. It will be easy to prove and it will be fun watching the partisans voting no when the evidence is incontrovertible. Influence peddling. Lets have fun… Read more »