Bill Maher as a Barometer of the Center Left

Bill Maher is a comedian who made his fortune with two talk shows, Politically Incorrect and Real Time with Bill Maher.  Maher calls himself a liberal but a realist.  He also claims to hate hypocrisy.  Well, I’ll let that go.  Suffice it to say that his favorite targets down through the decades have always been traditionalists and other conservatives.  He has made a very good living extolling Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and vilifying all Republicans and especially Donald Trump.  But for at least the last year or so Maher has been calling out the more insane actions of the Left.  In recent days he has highlighted the danger of assuming that young children should be allowed to decide they want to have surgeries and hormone therapies to change their sex.  He has derided the  homeless policies in California that have left the streets littered with human feces and deranged drug addicts and he has mocked the positivity campaign that tells heroin and methamphetamine addicts not to feel shame about their addictions.

So, is Bill Maher suddenly a champion of the Right?  No, he’s still the same liberal mush head he always was.  But what he’s noticed is that his audience, the Center-Left, feels alienated by what their politicians are letting the Woke do to the country.  This audience is all the people who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and hate Donald Trump and voted for Joe Biden to “get things back to normal.”  But instead of normal, their homes in the cities are besieged by criminals and homeless drug addicts (if there is a difference) and their children are being encouraged to think they are “trans” and should have their sex organs amputated.  And just to top things off the cost of living is draining their life savings, minute by minute.


What this tells me is that the voting base of the Democrat party is scared and even if they can’t fire Dementia Joe this November, they can take away his Congress.  And that’s what they intend to do.  And they are certainly receptive to a message by someone who can convince them he has a plan to fix things.  The only problem is the one person they won’t listen to is Donald Trump.  If they were forced to vote for Trump their heads would explode.  Especially the women.  So, are we at an impasse?  No, I don’t think so.  All these people need to vote Republican is a VP candidate who isn’t Donald Trump to give them a narrative that what they’re really voting for is the future.  And I think that’s where Ron DeSantis comes in.

DeSantis is perceived as a smart, savvy leader who gets hard things done.  And he doesn’t have Trump’s baggage.  He doesn’t particularly irk women.  He isn’t as brash.  And he knows quite a bit about building a governing team.  So, what needs to happen is, earlier rather than later, Trump and DeSantis need to work out a strategy to let both of them work to their strengths and in that way hijack the whole center-left of the electorate in 2024.  Of course, it won’t be a permanent shift.  Liberals don’t belong in the Republican party.  As soon as the Woke have been disenfranchised and Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden and have been packed off to nursing homes, some new Obama clone will be exciting the center-left with claims of fiscally responsible compassion or some such nonsense.  But if we can manage to win in 2024, we’ll have a shot at trying to bring back some semblance of lawful government.  But how we do that is a story for another day.

That’s quite a lot of tea leaves reading from just watching a few clips of the Bill Maher show.  Well, I’m not a pundit for nothing, you know.

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2 years ago

Maher has never been center anything. He has always been a radical leftist. Anyone that hates and mocks any form of theism is a radical leftist. His only conundrum is that he relies on freedom of speech and non-censorship to stay in business, otherwise his career and his ratings will be all washed up.

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
2 years ago

As for me all Bill Maher is is a a fowl mothed dem/communists there is no one he has not went after from the pope tp Franklin Graham and everyone in between..The man is evil and why they report every little thing this fool spouts off shows they really have nothing they want to report.The fake news will not report much of anything so the truth never comes out and guys like Maher fill in the gaps.The country is in very serious trouble and the dem/communists are to blame not entirely the RINOs voted to spend all the money that… Read more »

2 years ago

I’ve been a DeSantis supporter for a while. I love Trumps governance policies but cringe at the thought of yet another 4 years of a shrill hysterical nationwide fit pitched but the left. I’m really tired of Dimocrat insanity. On the other hand, they’ll demonize DeSantis too, they demonized even Romney!