Macaroni and Davos

The ZMan has a very interesting article at takimag.  As is his habit he edifies us about a 17th century English fad among the rich called macaroni, ” In mid-18th-century England, wealthy young British men began to adopt an outlandish fashion style known as the macaroni style. They wore giant powdered wigs with tiny hats on the top that could only be removed with the point of a sword. Their clothes were equally garish, made from expensive materials from the Continent. They adopted a highly affected personal style that was self-mocking and absurd.

He then goes on to point out how this affected behavior resembles the habit of our elites to espouse outlandish causes like transgenderism just to show that they are different from hoi polloi (the many).

I like his ending, “The emergence of a ridiculous class in an empire is the proverbial bell that rings at the top of a cycle. When elements of the elite begin making war on the rules that make the elite possible, it is only a matter of time before everyone does the same. This is what we are seeing in the Global American Empire. It is now ruled by ridiculous people who care more about mocking the lower classes than doing their duty. It is just a matter of time before they follow similar phenomena to the dustbin of history.”

I fervently hope he is right about that.