Can Biden’s Disaster Get Any Worse?

It’s a remarkable situation to realize that Biden’s presidency encompasses catastrophes in literally every dimension of American life.  Anywhere you look bad news is on display.  And furthermore, in most cases things haven’t even come close to hitting bottom yet.  Take the economy for instance.  Rampant inflation is being driven by petroleum prices.  But petroleum prices will continue to rise as the Ukraine crisis worsens.

And the Fed’s attempts to put the breaks on inflation by raising interest rates has already convinced businesses that a recession is guaranteed so they are putting the brakes on hiring and in fact many large employers are already beginning to lay off employees.  This is the classic scenario that was named “stagflation” back in the 1970’s when Jimmy Carter was its hapless victim.

On the cultural front places like Florida and Texas are revolting against leftist practices like CRT and LGBTQ indoctrination in the schools.  They’re passing laws and electing conservatives to counter these trends and actions.  But now Biden is writing executive actions to attempt to interfere with the states protecting their citizens.  This will further alienate the voters in these states and ensure that Democrats get hammered in the November midterms.

On the crime front even urban Democrats are revolting against the refusal of mayors and prosecutors to protect the citizens from the marauding bands of muggers, thieves, gangbangers and psychotic homeless that infest their neighborhoods.  And instead of owning up to the failure and promising to correct the problem they now employ denial and quibble about whether there were even worse problems back in the 1970’s or 1990’s.  These failures are disillusioning a whole generation of urban dwellers and threatens to undermine the whole coalition of minority groups who are losing faith in the sanity of the Left’s leaders.

The January 6th hearings have become a running joke.  The selective enforcement of laws by agencies like the FBI around such things as the Supreme Court protests and the January 6th protests have proven to large segments of the American people that the Deep State is a partisan entity that helps its friends on the Left and hurts those on the Right.

Even the Roe v. Wade ruling doesn’t seem to be something that unifies the country behind Biden.  It appears that all it will do is polarize the country along the already clear Red/Blue divide.  And that ruling will do precisely nothing to abortion availability in Democrat strongholds like California and New York.  What it will do is restore faith in the ability of the Right to influence the federal government in their own strongholds.  And it will give hope that other long standing unconstitutional laws will be overturned, like the gay marriage decision and affirmative action.

On the personal front, Joe Biden and his minions have had nothing but terrible optics for over a year.  Biden’s endless gaffes and the embarrassed attempts by his staff to explain them is undermining whatever remaining credibility he might have.  And when it comes to his handling of the Ukraine, I think he’s starting to scare the whole world.  Many of his statements of fact are delusional and the provocations come dangerously close to what might trigger military responses from the Russians.  Biden is under the spell of the Neocons in his administration and it’s beginning to look like they want a shooting war with the Russians.  And that is close to true madness.

And on and on and on.  So, to answer the question that is the title to this post, yes it certainly will continue to get worse for Biden (and the country) for some time to come.  We’re not even close to hitting bottom yet.  Inflation won’t subside for at least a year and by then the recession will be in full bloom.  The social problems will continue to fester under Biden’s presidency with only some relief in the areas of the country run by responsible Republican leaders.

And even after Biden leaves office in January 2025 it will take time and smart policy decisions to fix all the damage that’s been done.  A big part of it will be straightening out the energy policy so that we have enough oil and gas to run our businesses and homes economically.  But as soon as Dementia Joe has been carted off to the booby hatch it will feel like Morning in America again.

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