Easy Does it in the Last Two Weeks

I was talking to the boys at lunchtime today.  That’s one of the good things that came out of the whole COVID mess.  We set up a Monday Zoom meeting between the guys who I used to take the coffee walk with in the morning.  It’s surprisingly normal at this point.  There are the usual jokes about keeping our hands visible and wearing pants around the home office for some of us.  But it’s good comparing notes with the boys once a week.

I guess it was no surprise that confidence in a good outcome for the elections was pretty high.  In fact, it was too high.  It was way out of proportion.  But we were having a good time.  We were comparing notes on our favorite desperate Dem excuse for the bad polls.  Mine was when some hairdo in a short dress was asking Pelosi about people rating inflation the top problem.  The old bag said that when someone mentions inflation, she immediately stops him and changes the conversation by saying it’s not inflation it’s prices associated with the strong economy that the Democrats produced to save us from COVID.  When she was telling this to the “journalist” Pelosi’s face was contorted in some combination of rage and excitement that made me think she was having a stroke.  But no such luck.

One of the other guys was laughing about Kari Lake slamming Hillary Clinton for being a 2016 election denier.  One of the other guys was talking about a DeSantis/Lake ticket.  I put in my two cents.  I said I was pretty sure Trump and DeSantis would be the ones sitting down talking about who was going to be what in 2024.  And I reminded everyone that there’s at least 10-15% of the electorate that won’t even vote if Trump’s not running in 2024.  That quieted them down a bit.  And I think that’s about true.  Some folks don’t trust anyone else.  That’s a pretty important detail.

Now, do I think Trump could pass the torch?  Maybe.  But I still think it would dilute the enthusiasm for a bunch of his people.  And as far as having DeSantis as the Veep I don’t think that would be wasting him at all.  I have no doubt he would be doing a good deal of the behind the scenes work to put together the team out of his Florida administration.  In fact, I worry that it would do some damage to Florida on that account.

I told them I’d be working at the elections this year and they all wanted to know if I needed assistants.  And I asked, “What, to eat donuts and drink coffee?”  And they all wanted to know when the dumpsters full of fake ballots show up and I said after midnight was the schedule, I saw for Philadelphia in 2020 and we all got a rueful laugh about that.  And then the Zoom ended and we got back to our days.

Yeah, all the bad news for the Dems has been like a whiff of laughing gas.  We’re all a little giddy and a little too confident.  But this is just the run-up.  Two weeks is a very long time.  Every day I hear rumors coming out of Ukraine of a false flag dirty bomb by the Ukrainians to justify a NATO incursion and I think to myself that’s just the stupid trick Biden might welcome to distract the voters from the disaster he’s turned the economy into.

So easy does it.  Take it all in stride.  Don’t get too high or too low.  Let’s see what new monstrosity Dopey Joe has in store tomorrow.  But smell the coffee, get your own work done, laugh at the dopes in the news as their poll numbers plunge and at least make sure you get your votes in on time.  Everything else will develop like a polaroid picture, a little at a time.  You just have to be patient.