Douglas Macgregor Gives a Detailed Discussion of the Ukraine Situation

Douglas Macgregor goes through the situation in Ukraine.  He outlines how the Russians have prosecuted the war so far and what their troop buildup foreshadows.  He then goes through the fallout that can be expected for the the winter without Russian natural gas cripples German industry and spikes the heating bills for families there.  It’s about 45 minutes long but a very interesting talk.

To paraphrase his discussion, the Americans now realize that they’ve painted the Ukrainians into a corner and the Russian offensive is going to be incredibly damaging to their army but also to the infrastructure of their country.  Without access to electricity and fuel the people living in Kiev are going to be in desperate straits this winter.  That is why General Milley leaked his recommendations to Biden about convincing the Ukrainians to come to terms before the offensive begins.  The only problem is that this will seem very strange to people in Ukraine who have been told that the Ukrainian army is running amok killing tens of thousands of Russians every day.  If suddenly they have to sign a peace treaty that demilitarizes their country and cedes the Donbass and maybe even more it will anger the populace.  Zelensky may have to run for the hills.